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PERSON OF INTEREST: Greg Plageman Teases ‘Super’

January 12, 2012 by  

If you thought things were going to go right back to normal after Reese was shot on the last episode of PERSON OF INTEREST, executive producer Greg Plageman’s teases for tonight’s brand new episode should dissuade you from that.

“[The episode is] called ‘Super’ and obviously Reese is a guy who gets in a lot of scrapes,” Plageman noted. “He shoots people, people shoot him, and I hate TV shows that never deal with the repercussions of ‘that guy just got shot.’ So let’s deal with it. He’s not dead, because the show would be dead and everybody knows that. But what’s a really fun way to extend that and deal with it in a realistic manner? He’s laid up, he’s hurt and he can’t do what he normally was.”

And while television shows frequently use each other (or movies) for stylistic ideas, Plageman shared that a radio show actually helped inspire “Super.”

“I have to say, one of the inspirations [for this episode] was I was listening to THIS AMERICAN LIFE ,” he said. “It was about a New York superintendent and it was so fascinating what a New York superintendent knows about everyone in the building. The guy was a bit of a blowhard and he’s a pontificater and everybody in the building kind of knew him, but they were like, ‘He’s an ass.’ And I thought, that’s a fantastic character. What if Reese was laid up, and he couldn’t go anywhere, and Finch was like, ‘I’m putting you up in this building, and the person of interest this week is the superintendent. And who’s the suspect? It could be anyone in this freaking building. But you can’t move and you have these monitors. And you have to figure out who’s trying to kill him or who he’s going to kill.’ And I though, okay, that’s a great way to extend the show and let’s deal with the fact that he has his gut shot. He’s still hurt the entire episode. In a weird way, it’s a role reversal of Finch and Reese’s character.”

Will you be tuning in for “Super”?

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One Response to “PERSON OF INTEREST: Greg Plageman Teases ‘Super’”

  1. Swingline on January 13th, 2012 3:58 pm

    Good episode. You have the guys trying to follow Carter to find Reese. The super turns out to be a good guy. You have Officer Carter acting on a clue from Finch and catching a bad guy and Finch saying that’s what we do. I hope I got the character names right.