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January 17, 2012 by  

Thanks to the lack of television during the holiday break and TCA, About Last Night had to be put on hold for a few weeks. But now, it’s back, and what a night to start on!

Let’s talk about Monday’s TV!

Last night was the big 150 for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, but I was disappointingly mixed on the actual episode. I don’t want to harp on this again, but Kevin? Really? There is just nothing interesting to me about him as a character or his relationship with Robin. I did, however, enjoy the new “versions” of the HIMYM theme song. Of course Barney would think he’s the new group leader…he’s still convinced he’s Ted’s best friend!

It’s easy to forget while watching GOSSIP GIRL, but the characters are still so young. So many of the actions last night just seemed incredibly…immature. But given these guys might be 20-ish, I almost want to cut them a little more slack for some of their ridiculous  I do wish we had seen more fallout from Blair’s miscarriage — and it was a bit bizarre that the CW only promoted scenes that were used in the flashbacks when 95% of the episode was a bit of time later — but such is life. Nate teaming up with Gossip Girl to find out the truth about the car crash was a fun twist. This can’t end well, right?

I’m very curious to hear what you guys thought of the two-hour series premiere of ALCATRAZ. When I saw the first hour, it reminded me a lot of FRINGE’s pilot: an intriguing premise with a lot of potential. By the end of hour two, my biggest questions are about what the heck is going on with Lucy. What does she know? Is she good?

CASTLE‘s “Dial M for Mayor” was basically everything I could have hoped it would be. I’m so glad the mysterious caller who warned Castle to keep Beckett from investigating her mother’s death was finally was brought up again. The show indulged their inner-X-FILES with those parking lot meetings (and yes, I adored that), and I truly hope we get this storyline touched upon more. (Also, I 100% appreciate that “The Final Nail”‘s Damian was brought up again, because it was a great example of another time Castle’s judgment was clouded by his personal friendships…the series could have gotten away with not addressing it, so bravo to them!)

Tell me, what did you watch last night?

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4 Responses to “About Last Night…HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, ALCATRAZ, CASTLE and More”

  1. BeckettAdmirerUK on January 17th, 2012 12:57 pm

    Ref Castle, a great and gritty ep.
    This season has been so up and down for me. This ep I must admit I thought was gonna be just another ep that follows the format and bores me and I watch for the glimpses of developments in the character stories and kinda forget the murder and lose interest in who the killer is. However, I was happy to be wrong. It started in its usual way but as soon as Castle got the phone call from the new ‘Deep Throat’ Mr Smith I was hooked! It was great to have this linked to Beckett’s mothers murder and get so close to a name in the interrogation scene.
    I like an element of surprise in my favourite shows and this ep delivered that, there was still the nice moments that we tune in for, the Caskett moments were there even though in angst rather than comedy but I personally think thats where it works for them at the moment. Good casting and excellent developments all round. Like the fact we were served a different ending and really hope they follow this arc on with Castle getting little nitbits every few eps to keep us hooked and not forget it until another big ep which is the usual trend.
    So no bad words to say, so happy they got some award recognition this week too although next time dont forget the main talent of the show (Stana Katic) that was pretty ridiculous but still….
    To the writers if you read this — Please keep this sort up, the cases that they follow need to have this sort of angst and intensity even when they aren’t linked to the characters at all… Thats what is missing this season. The cast are so good that we will keep tuning in just to see their stories develop but the format of them solving the case is meant to be important as well but that’s where it is getting tiresome in some of the cases this year. Ep 2, 3, 6, 8, 11 all had mediocre cases that didn’t hook the viewer yet some of these same eps were saved by a few good character scenes, don’t rely on that though please. Just my opinion.
    So traditionally the worst of the episodes of the past Castle seasons are for some reason in the first 6 eps and the last few eps obviously disregarding the premieres and finales so hopefully that means we have good eps now leading right up to the end stretch….Of course if the writers want a longer run than Bones perhaps they can make even the lesser eps more interesting?

  2. Shelly on January 17th, 2012 2:00 pm

    Loved Castle last night. So intense and right out of the blue. Everything worked for me, the case, the “chess game”, the relationship, everything firing on all cylinders. I think Andrew Marlowe is starting to set up the chess pieces for the second half of the season. Bring it, I’m all in!

  3. Kath (@canakatydid) on January 17th, 2012 2:31 pm

    Could not agree with you more about HIMYM’s Kevin…he is this year’s Zoey and I almost hate him more that I hated her. (And, just to be clear, I’m talking characters here, not actors. Kal Penn is ok and Jennifer Morrison is great on OUAT but their HIMYM characters are/were just awful!!) Loved the opening redeuxes!

    Castle is a show that some might dismiss as “fluffy” or more about the character’s love life or “case of the week” than plot but last night’s episode shows just how good a thriller it can truly be. I continue to be in awe of Andrew Marlowe’s talents: his attention to details, appreciation of history and story arcs, and masterful long-term plotting. And amazingly, the character development is not forgotten in the midst of all the great story development! (Plus all the reference to chess can’t help but remind me of the synergy created in the “Richard Castle” ‘s series of “Nikki Heat” books featuring “Jameson Rook”. Well played all around Mr. Marlowe and Ms. Miller, well played.)

  4. input on January 17th, 2012 3:18 pm

    Alcatraz, not going to follow that, I can see the set-up already, and every episode will probably end with a pure shock reveal.
    Not interested in the lead characters, but at least here they are not going the will or won’t they route.

    One thing that they learned from Fringe is that the female lead should have a decent backstory from the start, and the one from Alcatraz has already more backstory, familyconnections, and connection to the big plot then Olivia Dunham will ever have.

    JJ Abrams most have realized that when he made the strange remark at TCA that “”part of the premiss of Fringe was the coming of age of Olivia Dunham, right, you only forgot to write that part.

    Olivia Dunham is that great character almost entirely because of what Anna Torv has created, awesome actress.

    Fringe pilot had a lively , happy Olivia Dunham central as the driving force, great bond between Olivia and Charlie (Anna ans Kirk loved working together, great chemistry)
    and me loving Olivia Dunham from the start and interested in her backstory and her past, and how she was recruited.

    Remember John Scott telling Olivia Dunham That she should ask herself why she was sent to that side of the warehouse? We are still waiting for that question to be answered.

    Unfortunately the Fringe writers decided that they would only write backstories and big scenes for the Bishop Boys from episode 2, and I am still waiting for the first scene of Olivia Dunham talking about her mother, father, stepfather, abuse.
    I may give up soon.