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GLEE: Kevin McHale Teases What’s to Come (With Some Help From Chord Overstreet, Damian McGinty, and Harry Shum Jr.)

January 17, 2012 by  

GLEE is back!

To celebrate the occasion, I talked with series star Kevin McHale (Artie) about the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute, Artie’s romances, what he wants to sing on the show…and then our interview got crashed by a couple of his costars.

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It’s no secret you’re a huge Michael Jackson fan and you’ve always championed using his music for the show…
Kevin McHale: Yes, I know, and now we’re doing [a tribute episode]…it’s scary.

So how is that for you? Are you in heaven?
KM: Oh, hell yes. I also wanted to make sure it was done right, but they always do justice to whoever we’re doing. We did some cool twists to old songs, and I’m very, very happy with it. We’ve done stuff we’ve never ever done before, which is…I don’t know how they keep thinking of it! I can’t wait to see it. We’ve been working our asses off. He deserves nothing but the best.

And now that you’ve had Michael Jackson, is there any song you really want to try and tackle?
There is one, but I don’t want to jinx it. I’m working on [GLEE co-creator] Ryan [Murphy] as of this past week.

Can you tease the artist?
It’s by Mario. I would love to be able to do that.

Aside from the Michael Jackson episode, what is Artie up to?
First episode back, there’s some lovin’. He finally gets some….it’s been a quiet season on that front for me.

Someone we know?
Oh yes. Two people. It gets a little confusing. But it’s not fun if there’s not any drama, right?

That sounds about right. Has it been difficult to tune out all the speculation about next season and who may or may not be back?
It is what it is. Everybody, I think, we’ve known from the beginning [this is what would happen] — or at least we thought it would only be three seasons. Some of us are getting a fourth [year], I think most of us [are]. It is what it is.

Fans still seem to adore Artie and Tina. Do you think there’s a future for them?
[GLEE costars Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Damian McGinty (Rory) join our conversation]
KM: I hope so! [to Overstreet and McGinty] What do you guys think?
Damian McGinty: They are a cute couple.
KM: Thanks, Damian.
DG: I mean, she’s cute.
Chord Overstreet: Don’t worry Kevin, we all think you’re cute, too.

Well, Chord, you’re doing a pretty big GREASE song tonight. How was that?
CO: I had a blast!

Did you do any special prep for that musical number?
I watched GREASE probably 30 times when I was younger. So it was fun. I don’t know if anybody could do as good of a job as [GREASE star John] Travolta, but it was fun.
KM: But if anybody could, it’s Chord.

And since I asked McHale about “Artina,” I figured it was only fair to ask Harry Shum Jr. to weigh in on Mike and Tina’s relationship status.

“Things are going good,” he told me. “We had a shakeup in the Sectionals episode. It was expected because of what she did, but I think now we’ll get to reminisce and go back on how that relationship came about, which they’re going to do coming up. So, we’re going to see that, but I think the focus is really on Emma and Mr. Schuester in ‘Yes/No.’ Mike and Tina are semi-involved in the storyline, but it’s mainly about [Will and Emma].”

What do you hope to see when GLEE returns?

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  1. jay on January 26th, 2012 1:35 am

    I (&many others I know!)would really like to SEE & HEAR A LOT MORE OF RORY!!! PLEASE GLEE!! HE IS SOMEONE YOU CAN REALLY ROOT FOR & WANT TO KEEP doing BETTER!! as he matures!! SO LETS DO IT!! NOW!!