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THE BIG BANG THEORY Producers Weigh in On Episode 100’s Twist and What’s to Come

January 20, 2012 by  

Whenever a show does any sort of dream sequence, there’s always a risk fans will be unhappy to see that any progress made in the alt-world doesn’t impact the “real” world. But rest assured, THE BIG BANG THEORY fans, that’s not the case for last night’s 100th episode dream sequence.

“It does not fail to move the series story forward,” THE BIG BANG THEORY co-creator Bill Prady promised. “It does not exist separately from the series.”

So why did they choose to have a dream sequence? And what can fans expect next? To try and get some answers, I spoke with Prady and executive producer Steve Molaro for some answers…

Why go down this particular road for your 100th episode?
Bill Prady:
We wanted to do something neat. That’s pretty much it. We wanted to do something neat that at the same time wasn’t a standalone dream sequence thing that doesn’t have any [impact], imaginary episode. We wanted to do something that was cool and interesting and at the same time, had consequences to it. So we tried to have our cake and eat it, too.

So fans shouldn’t feel upset after viewing the episode?
Steve Molaro:
We hope not.
BP: We hope not. And by the way, we hope that of all episodes.
SM: For every show.
BP: For all shows.

Good to know. And what can you say about the next episode?
That is continuing on the heels of episode 100. And our friend Raj —
BP: Enters into a non-traditional romantic relationship.

Is it someone we know?
Yes, it’s someone you know.

Someone casual fans will be able to pick out of a lineup?
It is with someone that many fans may know personally.

Oh my God, is it Siri?
I don’t know.
Molaro: I don’t know. [mocks the Siri app] What do you mean by Siri?
Prady: [Laughs] What do you mean by, “Is it Siri?”
Molaro: “Would you like a web search?”

Oh goodness, we’ve reached the web-speak portion of our interview. Before I let you go, how is the relationship going for Bernadette and Howard?
That is going well.
SM: There are bumps here and there.
BP: But they expect there to be bumps.

What did you think of THE BIG BANG THEORY’s 100th episode?


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One Response to “THE BIG BANG THEORY Producers Weigh in On Episode 100’s Twist and What’s to Come”

  1. Denin Srmic on March 16th, 2012 10:11 am

    Hi there,

    I think Bing Bang episodes are very interesting and comic and it’s fun to watch it but there are so many things which are starting to annoy especially in many American series. Well, there is all the time talk about Einstein or Jews people as they have invented the whole universe, Einstein’s theories which had been long time abounded by Tesla as false. As for myself, I have nothing against them but it seems little bit inappropriate to mention Einstein or Edison or Marconi every time if the whole gratitude deserve another person NIKOLA TESLA. He has been never mentioned and with purpose forgotten in any of American series and especially in society what so ever, all the time it’s been circumnavigated around him and his patents and origins of inventions. Americans are proud to tell the world as they have invented AC current, magnetism, wireless telecommunication, Tesla Coil, Neon lights, Radar, Robotic, time traveling (Philadelphia project) etc. Well I know it is big issue for Americans now to understand how that Slavic (Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats) people are clever enough to deal with inventions at the same level as the European Americans or to do it even better. Without Tesla they would have been living till now with Edison DC System in 19th century if Tesla hadn’t given American the inventions of 21 century.
    Now those four guys who are acting there as physicist and electro engineers, have been mentioning during all the time Albert Einstein, things as radar, neon light, wireless communication, AC system but its inventor hasn’t been mentioned at all. Sheldon biggest Germ phobia is exact replica of Tesla condition during his life. It lacks a lot of true and originality in episodes when is Tesla simply expelled, and Einstein is praised as God of Physics, but it is never mentioned that his wife (Yugoslav) was standing almost behind his inventions! I doubt that even main producer knows about Tesla at all, and that he is illiterate about him and his invention as the rest of Americans.
    It would be grateful if we Slavic people could see repelling injustices which has been done and make it right at least in some series!

    Proud Bosniak-Serb-Croat