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HART OF DIXIE Creator Leila Gerstein Teases What’s to Come

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Big things are coming on HART OF DIXIE!

When I spoke with HART OF DIXIE creator Leila Gerstein, she teased that not only will we be meeting the man Zoe thought was father soon, but the love triangles are about to get a pretty major shakeup.

So what kind of trouble is heading to Bluebell? Take a look…

What can you tease about what’s coming up on HART OF DIXIE?
Leila Gerstein:
We’ve really ratcheted up the triangles. Everything is building to a big head as we take the train down the road towards George and Lemon’s wedding. We have a big secret [in terms of Lemon and Lavon’s relationship], obviously, and the secret is coming out.

Will the secret come out before the wedding?
The secret is coming out before the wedding.

How is George handling that reveal?
In a very — it comes out to other people before it comes out to George. So it’s going to come out to other people before it comes out to George and they’re all going to be dealing with it in their own way and talking about whether [to tell him] — Zoe finds out first. And they will be dealing with what to do with the secret for a little while.

That puts her in an odd position, because if she ever has it in her mind that she might like to be in a relationship with him telling him or keeping quiet could be dangerous…
Exactly! Exactly. Exactly. You are correct. Juicy.

Very, very juicy. Were you surprised at all by how much the character of Wade has taken off?
No, because I have laid my eyes on Wilson Bethel (Wade), and I have talked with Wilson Bethel, and I have cast Wilson Bethel. He was the second person — someone came in to read for Lemon and he was the second person to walk into the audition room and every single woman in the room had turned purple. And we knew we had a star on our hands. He is amazing, he’s super talented, he’s sweet, he’s a great actor, he can sing, he can do the whole thing. And we make him do everything.

So what’s next for Zoe and Wade?
They are going to continue to spar and have sparks. They’re going to continue to have delicious moments and humongous chemistry and it will be complicated. We’re actually going to do a really fun story for Wade and Lemon in episode 14.

It seems like these days so many shows are all about putting off getting together will-they-won’t-they couples for as long as possible. But given how many variations of that you have on the show, is there any temptation to get one of these duos together sooner versus later?
I can’t answer that! That is the quintessential question! You’ll have to tune in to see…Anything could happen at any moment! You have to watch every single moment!

Fair enough. Are there any guest stars coming up you can tease?
We have Zoe’s father coming. He is played by Gary Cole and we’re very excited and happy to have him. Zoe will deal with the bombshell from the pilot that her father is not her real father and why he’s been so distant. It should be a very emotional episode.

We will be seeing more and more of our townspeople as we start to get [deeper in the season] — as a writer, I think that’s one of those more fun things, as you make Bluebell come alive and populating the town with people you know and see.

Are there any big events coming up in Bluebell you can tease?
We have a big dance coming up — the Sweetie Pie Dance. We have this great story with Wade and Lemon where for very complicated reasons, Lemon has to pretend to be not Lemon, so we will see a whole different side of her which is really fun. It’s going to snow. And we have a big musical number coming in episode 16 that’s super fun [involving] Lemon and the Belles. And Wade is also singing and [as is] Magnolia.

Are you excited the Lavon and Lemon relationship is going to be revealed soon?

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