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CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe Talks ‘The Blue Butterfly’ Inspiration, That Kiss and More

February 7, 2012 by  

[Spoiler alert: Do not read this post until you’ve watched “The Blue Butterfly” episode of CASTLE! Seriously, you do not want to ruin what happened for yourself, so turn around, watch the episode and then come back here to read all about what went down!]

We’re all good, right?

How fun was that CASTLE episode? We got Tamala Jones (Lanie) singing, some absolutely killer clothes, oh yeah, and a 1940s-era Castle and Beckett kiss. (CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe wasn’t kidding when he said he wouldn’t rule out a kiss between the duo!)

As much as I enjoyed the episode, I had a few questions after I was finished. Thankfully, Marlowe was kind enough to answer a few of them…

The season 4 cast photo was very memorably noir-themed and now, we have “The Blue Butterfly.” Was this idea already being tossed around in the writers room when that photo was pitched or did seeing that picture inspire some conversations about dropping these characters into the 1940s?
Andrew Marlowe:
I think this is the kind of episode that every show eventually wants to do because of how much fun it is and how you have a chance to see your characters in a different context. It’s certainly something we talked about jokingly since the first season – “I hope we’re on the air long enough to do a noir episode.” That being said, I think we did take some inspiration from the noir themed cast photo. Once we saw Stana [Katic (Beckett)] in that slinky dress and Nathan [Fillion (Castle)] in the fedora, it was a no brainier.

Given that it would likely be hard to do an episode of this nature again, was there anything you really wish you could have added in or scenes you had to cut due to time?
Honestly, I love the way it turned out. Terence Paul Winter did a great job writing it, and the entire cast and crew worked very hard to bring it to life. I think we made the most of it.

We have to talk about the kiss — was there any debate about how far you could take Beckett and Castle using these personas?
There was no debate at all. After all, even though the forties story is based on the facts emerging from the case, most of it is coming from Castle’s imagination. His imagination gave us free license to go as far as we wanted.

Will the kiss have any impact on these characters going forward, or was this just a fun wink to the fans to acknowledge, yes, we know you want this, but for right now, this is what we can give you?
It was a fun wink to the fans, where we could celebrate the moment without being mired down in all the real world complexities that Beckett and Castle are dealing with. We’ll be getting into all that stuff soon enough.

Sounds good. Before I let you go, is there anything you can tease about the next episodes coming up?
We have an awesome two parter with Jennifer Beals following this episode. Like all our two-partners, it’s a high stakes ride as Castle and Beckett catch a case that throws them into the world of international espionage.

What did you think of “The Blue Butterfly”?


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11 Responses to “CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe Talks ‘The Blue Butterfly’ Inspiration, That Kiss and More”

  1. Jenny on February 7th, 2012 2:37 am

    It was a great episode, and I really loved it. (My favorite part was when Castle slipped and called the woman from the 40s Kate. lol) The preview for the next episode, though… holy crap! Those big episodes like that are ALWAYS exciting for Castle/Beckett fans! Think of the bomb, the freezer, etc etc. Woohoo!

  2. Shelly on February 7th, 2012 10:53 am

    Last nights Castle was absolutely brilliant. The two parter looks like it’s going to be great too.

  3. Kelly on February 7th, 2012 11:49 am

    this show is jumping the shark. I was a huge fun but now I´m losing my interest with every new episode. Nothing happened between caskett and I´m getting impatient.

  4. Centava on February 7th, 2012 12:49 pm

    It was okay with some humorous moments as a standalone episode, but I didn’t see it as any sort of wink wink to Caskett, especially since that kiss looks like one my dad gives my mom before leaving for work—no heat whatsoever. The best part about the episode was the clothes…RedCarpetLuke deserves credit for that. The rest, meh…not one I’ll race to watch again.

    And I agree with Kelly…the show is quickly approaching the shark tank.

  5. aye on February 7th, 2012 4:12 pm

    another wink to the fans. how many more winks will we get before someone diagnoses it as a nervous tick?

  6. Rob on February 7th, 2012 4:40 pm

    For me, it’s always about the characters. Castle had great characters that informed the writing of the show and the pacing of the dance between the two leads.

    For some reason, either the Network stepping in, or the creative team lacking the semblance of an idea of what to do, the relationship between Castle and Beckett is no longer based on what we were taught to believe about them and has been drawn out long past a reasonable point.

    I no longer care about what these two characters will do.

  7. Kath on February 7th, 2012 4:46 pm

    I thought it was a really fun episode. Loved the costumes and you could see the cast was having a lot of fun.

    But if you’re going back to the real world, it’s time to advance the Castle/Beckett relationship. Yet another of Castle’s exes turning up to make Beckett jealous has me cringing.

  8. Kath (canakatydid) on February 7th, 2012 8:04 pm

    I loved the episode…it was a very nice stand alone episode that still fit nicely in the “real” world of Castle. I’m glad that the cast and crew seemed to have fun with it and I think it was probably a treat for them as well as for (most of) the fans.

    And special kudos to all of the behind-the-scenes people at Castle from the AMAZING costumes, great lighting, and the quick cadence script both written and delivered.

    This is an episode that I’m definitely buying from iTunes…and not just for Fillion in a fedora! 😉

  9. ruth on February 7th, 2012 8:35 pm

    agree that it was a good stand alone episode but that’s just it. this show has more to offer than one shots. How did we get from 3.24 “it’s not enough” to 4.1 “it’s enough for now” to just after 4.14 feeling like “arghh! it’s enough already” with the will they/won’t they. someone up there mentioned jumping the shark. in the literal sense, at least that would be something different.

  10. Marcus on February 9th, 2012 3:52 am

    This show is coming to an end,sadly.
    Stand alones episodes could be pretty,but there’s a lack of substance.
    Castle and Beckett are in a virtually halt from the beginning of this season,lack of movement and pathetic trick (brushing hands,”3rd persons” kiss,nonsensical lines) are ruining what in the past was good.
    And it’s unavoidable if you base your show on roadblocker.
    Ratings don’t lie,season low this week and another powerful competitor….hurry up AM it could be too late.

  11. EddieV. on February 9th, 2012 4:09 am

    “another wink to the fans. how many more winks will we get before someone diagnoses it as a nervous tick?”

    I wouldn’t call it wink,i’d call a “self-rambling”.
    This man is like a besieged man who,even in the last hours of life,likes talk about his deeds.
    Loyal fans ask him to face precises thing and he answers with self celebrations.