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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Feel the love on your favorite shows tonight, including GLEE, NEW GIRL and PARENTHOOD.

And don’t forget that COUGAR TOWN finally returns with new episodes – this show cannot get canceled! Check out what else is new this Tuesday!

NCIS | 8pm on CBS
When a Navy captain is found dead with an unusual costume hidden under his uniform, NCIS uncovers a secret society of real-life super heroes and must track down the villain.

The Biggest Loser | 8pm on NBC
“Episode 7”
Host Alison Sweeney surprises the contestants with the news that one player from each team will be going home with their trainer – and that player’s weight will be the only one that counts at this week’s weigh-in. It’s also Valentine’s Day at the Biggest Loser ranch, and that means letters from loved ones go to the team who digs their way under an obstacle course of logs first with a 200 lb. dummy along for the ride, representing the contestant who has gone home. The red and black teams do their best to burn calories while their trainers are away, and one contestant gets help from “Biggest Loser” nutritionist Rachel Beller in preparing a special meal for their loved one. Then the trainers and the two players they went home with return for a tense weigh-in before another contestant is sent home.

Glee | 8pm on Fox
In honor of Valentine’s Day, Will challenges the New Directions to find and perform the world’s greatest love songs. Meanwhile, Rachel’s two dads Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) and LeRoy Berry (Brian Stokes Mitchell) pay a visit to McKinley High.

Last Man Standing | 8pm on ABC
When Mike gets 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart and his race car to jazz up the Outdoor Man retail space, Mike realizes more than ever how much he misses the adrenaline rush he used to get from his adventures on the road. Right before Tony shows up for the opening, Kyle finds a way to give Mike a taste of that excitement once again. Also, Kristin’s desire to go skydiving gets Vanessa thinking how she used to take more chances before becoming a mom.

Cougar Town | 8:30pm on ABC | Season 3 Premiere
“Ain’t Love Strange”
Jules is miffed when Grayson (who has an ulterior motive) calls her “predictable”; Ellie frets that little Stan is turning into a “devil child,” or even worse, could grow up to be like Laurie; and Travis likes his new off campus housing, until Bobby tries to convince him to take dog Travis in.

So much more. Keep reading…

NCIS: Los Angeles | 9pm on CBS
With Assistant Director Granger critiquing every move, the NCIS team must track down a chameleon-like killer who has evaded law enforcement agents, including their very own Special Agent G. Callen, across several countries.

New Girl | 9pm on Fox
“Valentine’s Day”
Single for the first time on Valentine’s Day, Jess convinces Schmidt to be her wingman as she attempts to have an attachment-free fling with a handsome stranger (guest star Ryan Kwanten). Nick’s romantic plans are foiled when he finds himself spending more time with Julia’s (guest star Lizzy Caplan) law firm assistant (guest star Clark Duke) than with her. Winston becomes one of the girls when Shelby invites him over on the holiday.

The River | 9pm on ABC
“Los Ciegos”
When the whole crew of the Magus goes blind due to spores from a tree, lone holdout AJ will have to overcome his most paralyzing fear to find a cure before the blindness becomes permanent. Meanwhile, the local Morcego tribe stalks the crew and judges whether they are worthy to stay in the jungle. If they are deemed unworthy, the consequences could be fatal.

Ringer | 9pm on The CW
“It’s Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved”
Bridget visits some of the last locations Siobhan went before she disappeared and discovers that Siobhan kept a secret office. Olivia finds out some information about Henry and blackmails him into introducing her to Gemma’s wealthy father Tim Arbogast (guest star Gregory Harrison). Meanwhile, in Paris, Tyler struggles with a moral decision that could affect Siobhan and Andrew.

Raising Hope | 9:30pm on Fox
“Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend”
Jimmy’s spirits are low when Sabrina’s relationship with Wyatt becomes serious, so Virginia and Burt convince him to create a make-believe girlfriend to make her jealous. Barney invites Jimmy to his improv class, where he meets Mary-Louise (guest star Ashley Tisdale), who agrees to play along with his plan to win over Sabrina. But when their acting becomes too convincing and Sabrina falls for their fake relationship, all plans might backfire on Jimmy.

Unforgettable | 10pm on CBS
“The Following Sea”
When a key witness in his murder case vanishes before testifying, Al scrambles to find her before the suspect walks free.

Parenthood | 10pm on NBC
“Tough Love”
Julia struggles to detach herself from getting too involved in Zoe’s life, Kristina reacts to Amber and Bob Little’s plans to go off on a weekend business trip together, and Max tries to use his Asperger’s as an excuse to get out of P.E. Meanwhile, Sarah and Mark’s plan to have a baby elicits an unexpected reaction from Drew.

Body of Proof | 10pm on ABC
“Cold Blooded”
When the owner of a family owned and operated Italian restaurant turns up dead in the freezer, Dr. Hunt and the team take a closer look into family matters. Meanwhile, Detective Baker must face her own haunted past.

Justified | 10pm on FX
“Thick as Mud”
Raylan is in hot pursuit of Dewey Crowe, who’s staging a one-man crime spree after a run-in with an organ-harvesting ring. Meanwhile, Boyd squares off against a new foe.

Southand | 10pm on TNT
A case turns personal for John when he tries to save a suicidal teen; Sammy’s attempt to transform a former drug addict into an informant comes back to haunt him; a person from Tang’s past arrives; and Lydia and Ruben scrutinize a home invasion.

Also playing…

  • Switched at Birth | “Protect Me From What I Want” | 8pm on ABC Family
  • 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show | 8pm on USA
  • Teen Mom 2 | “Love Will Tear Us Apart” | 10pm on MTV
  • The Game | “The Tricks Episode” | 10pm on BET
  • Tosh.0 | “Episode 403” | 10pm on Comedy Central

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