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THE SECRET CIRCLE: Chris Zylka Talks the Return of John Blackwell, the Adam-Cassie-Jake-Faye Quad, and More

February 16, 2012 by  

They’ve teased his presence from the start, and now, John Blackwell finally makes his THE SECRET CIRCLE debut!

In possibly probably related news, Blackwell’s daughter, Cassie, finds herself in a bit of a bind in tonight’s brand new episode. Will her friends be able to save her in time? I talked with THE SECRET CIRCLE star Chris Zylka (Jake) to see what he could share…

It sounds like Thursday’s episode is a big one for Jake…
Chris Zylka: Oh my goodness, it’s a great episode, it really is. And Brad Turner [who directed tonight’s episode], he directed “Balcoin,” which was episode nine, right before the break when they find out I’m a witch hunter. And to have him back for this episode back was amazing; he’s so good.

It’s good to have someone you know for these bigger episodes.
CZ: Absolutely.

What can you tease about what Jake is up to?
CZ: Jake is up to the same old shenanigans. From “Valentine,” he does not trust the witch hunters anymore, he knows what he saw. He trusts Cassie and the information she gave. And obviously, he’s still in love with her. That’s more than likely never going to go away, or has yet to [go away]. He’s trying to figure everything out. He knows he has access to the witch hunters, so he can always get information. But how does he do that? What he’s going through right now is the ultimate confusion: Do I do this and have them hate me when I’m trying to protect them, even though they’re not going to see it that way. Or do I turn a blind eye and take the witch hunters completely out of my life and not get information to keep us protected? So he’s going through a little bit of a confusing stage. And he hates the fact that Cassie chose Adam. [Laughs] He’s a jealous guy.

It’s only natural. It seems like Cassie has a rough time in the episode —
CZ: There are lights in her eyes and all that stuff! I watched the promo and it was kind of creepy.

The tease for tonight’s episode is that Jake offers himself up in exchange for Cassie, who’s not in the best situation. What can you say about that?
CZ: You’ll have to tune in to watch…

Fair enough. Does Jake at least make it out of the episode without any marks, or does he get beaten up a little bit?
CZ: Um, he definitely gets beaten up a little bit. If you hurt Cassie at all, Jake is going to try and hurt you pretty bad. And when you’re dealing with a particular person or group of people that is hurting her, it’s not going to be good.

Do you get to share scenes with John Blackwell?
CZ: It’s the return! I do, I do. And Joe Lando (John) is doing a really, really wonderful job as Blackwell. I couldn’t imagine the stress of bringing that character into the show. I think everyone is going to be really satisfied with what he’s doing as Blackwell.

Does their meeting go well?
CZ: You’ll have to tune in. [Laughs]

We will be. You mentioned that he’s still in love with Cassie, but he also recently jumped back into bed with Faye. How will that triangle be playing out?
CZ: Faye and Jake go way back. They’ve known each other the longest. For as much as he doesn’t trust Faye, he knows her. And I think the reason that she’s still drawn to him is that he doesn’t really judge her for screwing up so much. [Laughs] He seems to be okay with her. She finally feels accepted by someone in the circle. And Jake knows that she knows him. There’s no small talk, it’s all real. Everything is completely real and there’s no nonsense between him and Faye. Even though they tease each other a lot, it’s no-nonsense. They get each other. they’re talking with their eyes as well — they’re having two conversations at once. At least that’s what I think.

So with Cassie out of contention, is he going to go back to Faye? Or is he over the romantic element of that relationship?
CZ: I think he’s torn. I think he’s constantly going to be torn between the love he has for Cassie, but also, she doesn’t accept him, so what am I going to do? I’m going to make her jealous, in that unspoken…I really believe he’s trying to make Cassie jealous by hooking up with Faye. He knows Faye is going to tell everyone. They’ll all find out. But then there’s also the lust for Faye. She’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, and she’s got attitude. And who doesn’t want that?

THE SECRET CIRCLE airs Thursday nights at 9 PM on The CW.

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