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FRINGE: Blair Brown Teases ‘The End of All Things’ and Finally Meeting Nina’s Double

February 24, 2012 by  

Think you were surprised by the final moments of FRINGE’s “A Better Human Being” when a second Nina Sharp finally made her way to our television screens? You weren’t alone!

“It was really a nice surprise, because I didn’t know about it until I got the script and went, ‘A ha!'” Blair Brown (Nina) laughed. “The way we work is the writers always have something in mind, and it’s always more fun to just wait and see what shows up…It was a great thrill [to get the script for “A Better Human Being”]. It was like ‘All right! Here we go!'”

It may have made some fans impatient that it has taken until season 4 to meet the other version of Nina, but Brown wasn’t worried abut the delay.

“I knew they had something in store,” she said. “They don’t have us all here for no reason. It’s very interesting now how it unfolds, not at all the way I thought it would be. It’s not as benign a tale as some of the other alternates. But what’s interesting is the alternate world is just rougher. Walternate is harder, Fauxlivia is harder, it’s a different world. It’s not as easy a world — it’s hard to think of our world being a kind world, but given the alternative, it is.”

And what has that rougher world done to this new Nina?

“It was very curious, because at first I thought, as has always been the question of first Nina — we call alt-Nina, Meana, because she seems to be very mean — is she a force for good or not?” Brown teased. “I think we’ve discovered in her world and in her timeline, there was no William Bell. So she…wasn’t included. She wasn’t at the party with all of the boys, the science boys. So she has a different personality because she’s been an outsider all the time. It’s a really interesting thing to play. I love the fact that they look exactly the same, at least for a while.”

As for tonight’s episode, Brown hinted viewers will be taken on a ride as they try and figure out the complexities of the two Ninas.

“It keeps you guessing all the way through,” she shared. “It keeps you guessing all the way through about who is where. What’s going on? Who’s telling the truth and who is acting? I think it’s very curious to have an alternate that passes…at least so far.”

Uh oh…

FRINGE airs Fridays at 9 PM on FOX.

Are you excited for double Nina tonight?


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One Response to “FRINGE: Blair Brown Teases ‘The End of All Things’ and Finally Meeting Nina’s Double”

  1. Zepp on February 26th, 2012 6:26 pm

    Nina Sharp for me is a very special character in the universes of Fringe. Now it appeared that other Nina, the universe red (I think …), more reaffirms the impression I have of her. Both “our” Nina, as the “other” Nina, do not relate to one another, are super singles, each in its own universe, with no connections, I see. ‘Our’ Nina, I think more to the side, also the mysterious William Bell, and “other” Nina is more to the side of Mr. Jones. This makes the “other” Nina, someone who is beyond mysterious, it is also more lethal. But either one as the other, are Nina Sharp, super mysterious figures, which we can expect anything, because they’re definitely unpredictable. All this is due, no doubt, excellent and outstanding interpretations of the two roles, by the great actress Blair Brown.