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TV Time Capsule: Adam Scott on ‘Boy Meets World’

April 12, 2012 by  

GIVE ME MY is opening up the TV Time Capsule and taking a look at some of our very favorite television stars from…well, before they were our favorite television stars.

Today’s TV Time Capsule is a two-for-one treat. Not only do we get to look back at some of the earlier work of Adam Scott (PARKS & REC) but we get to see him do his thing on one of our favorite shows from yesteryear, BOY MEETS WORLD. (Cory + Topanga 4-EVA!)

We know you love Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt on PARKS AND REC, and you of course loved him as Harry Pollard on the woefully under watched PARTY DOWN. But do you remember his days as bad ass Griff Hawkins?

Check him out!

Bonus points if you can name the other now famous faces featured in this video!

What other stars would you like to see us pluck from the TV Time Capsule? Let us know!


One Response to “TV Time Capsule: Adam Scott on ‘Boy Meets World’”

  1. eb on April 13th, 2012 11:14 am

    omg i was always trying to place him from something!!!! this is amazing, thank you!