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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, May 4, 2012

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The end of the week is here! If you’re a fan of IN PLAIN SIGHT, it’s unfortunately time to say goodbye, as the show’s series finale is tonight.

After you dry your tears, read on to see what else is new this Friday!

Undercover Boss | 8pm on CBS
“Fastsigns International”
Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, who has never designed or installed one of their signs, finds herself plagued by air bubbles while trying to affix large decal signs, and is also forced to conquer her fear of heights.

Who Do You Think You Are? | 8pm on NBC
“Rashida Jones”
Rashida Jones strongly identifies with both her African American and Jewish heritage but knows very little about her mother’s roots. She was close to her grandmother, who was originally from Ireland, but had little details on her life before marrying her grandfather. In New York, Rashida uncovers the answers to her grandmother’s missing years and interesting life in Manhattan. As her journey continues, a trip to Ireland reveals new information that lead to her family’s origins in Eastern Europe.

The Finder | 8pm on Fox
“Voodoo Undo”
Xavier Obispo (guest star Nestor Serrano), a mob boss in Miami, asks Walter to find a voodoo doll he is convinced was created to be used against him. Willa and Walter, a non-believer in witchcraft, visit a witch who is annoyed by the fact that Walter does not take her art seriously, but decides to help them find the person that could have created the doll, leading them to a surprising participant in the mob boss’ situation. Meanwhile, Isabel and Miami Det. Curtis Gillespie risk their lives while investigating a gang fight at a funeral linked to Xavier.

Shark Tank | 8pm on ABC
“Episode 313”
The inventor of Rollerblades hopes to get investment money to put toward his newest invention, an elevated mono-rail bike system. An amazing story from a Rochester, NY, businesswoman who hopes her dream comes true and strikes a deal for her innovative shoe accessories that can turn any shoe into a boot. A man from Buena Park, CA, must convince the Sharks that there is a market for a custom made air mattress that fits in the back of a pickup truck; and a fashion designer from Dallas, TX, has over a billion reasons the Sharks should see the value in his customized cruiser bikes that can be designed on an interactive website. There is a follow-up on Ladera Ranch, California’s Shelly Ehler and her ShowNo, a unique towel design that provides coverage when changing out of a swimsuit in public places, which Lori Greiner invested in during Season 3.

Nikita | 8pm on The CW
“Dead Drop”
When it looks like Percy’s nuclear weapons plan is getting out of control, Ryan suggests they go to the Director of the CIA, Morgan Kendrick, for help. Nikita is vehemently opposed to the plan and is surprised when Michael takes Ryan’s side. Tensions escalate when Nikita is proven right after they discover Kendrick has a link to Percy. Meanwhile, Sean is shot by Percy’s men, shaking Alex to the core.

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CSI:NY | 9pm on CBS
The CSIs are called to a Brooklyn housing project to investigate the murder of a successful businessman who still felt the pull of his old neighborhood.

Grimm | 9pm on NBC
“Happily Ever Aftermath”
Nick and Hank are called to investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch after her stepdaughter loses everything in a Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile, Juliette does some digging into the mysterious death of Nick’s parents in an effort to help him find closure.

Fringe | 9pm on Fox
“Brave New World, Part 1 of 2”
A mysterious Fringe event causing people to spontaneously combust forces Walter to revisit his painful past while the Fringe team faces off against David Robert Jones to save the world, or worlds. [Have you been keeping up with our FRINGE finale coverage? So far we have tidbits from series stars John Noble (Walter) and Jasika Nicole (Astrid), plus showrunners Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman.]

Supernatural | 9pm on The CW
“Reading is Fundamental”
Meg calls Dean and Sam and tells them Castiel is awake and talking. Meanwhile, a teenager named Kevin gets hit by a bolt of lightning and is turned into a reluctant prophet. Sam and Dean believe Kevin holds the key to defeating the Leviathans but must fight off two Archangels who want him for their own purposes.

Fairly Legal | 9pm on USA
“Ripple of Hope”
Kate and Ben team up for a prison mediation and have difficulty avoiding their feelings for each other. Elsewhere, Lauren takes on a copyright case on Leo’s behalf.

Blue Bloods | 10pm on CBS
“Collateral Damage”
Danny and Jackie investigate the suspicious death of a high-rolling investor who sustained injuries in a fight, yet his hands are unmarked by trauma. Also, Frank places Jamie under house arrest when the Sanfinos put out a hit on “Jimmy Riordan.”

In Plain Sight | 10pm on USA | Series Finale
“All’s Well That Ends”
In the series finale, Mary feels torn between a witness and her family, who gather for an unexpected reunion. Elsewhere, big changes occur at the WITSEC office. [Have you seen what series stars Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller said about the relationship between their characters?]

Magic City | 10pm on Starz
“Suicide Blonde”
Ike plots to save Judi from Ben Diamond; photos of Stevie and Lily turn up. Meanwhile, Vera tries something new in her attempts to get pregnant; Danny grows closer to Mercedes; and Klein’s search intensifies.

Also playing…

  • Primetime: What Would You Do? | 9pm on ABC
  • Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country | “Dog Adoption” | 9pm on CMT
  • America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back | “Episode #23” | 9pm on Lifetime
  • Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids | “Showdown at the Bridesmaids Corral” | 9pm on TLC
  • Fashion Police | 10pm on E!

Leave a comment and let me know what you will be tuning in to. Have a great weekend!

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