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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Luckily, only one show is ending its season run tonight: CSI.

Who else is glad we get a little more REVENGE? I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do without Emily Thorne’s antics this summer.

Check out what else is new tonight!

Survivor | 8pm on CBS
“It’s Human Nature”
An unlikely betrayal within an alliance puts one castaway on the defense, while another tribe member concocts an elaborate story to gain an advantage in the game.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers | 8 and 8:30pm on NBC
“Episode 8”
Betty White’s merry posse of senior pranksters is back on the streets, while Betty entertains viewers with funny sketches and comical pearls of wisdom between the pranks. This week, Adam West (“Batman”) gets in on the fun searching for a masked man in a cape, while an elderly man and his wife try and find a young couple who want to “swing.” Also, a wife enlists a stranger to pretend they are romantically involved to annoy her husband, and a prankster tells restaurant customers that his heart came from a surprising donor.

“Episode 9”
Betty White’s posse of senior pranksters is back on the streets, while Betty entertains viewers with funny sketches and comical pearls of wisdom between the pranks. This week, Wink Martindale gets some surprising news while pretending to tape a game show segment, a woman asks for help after getting her dog stuck in an unusual place, and two pranksters set up a metal detector on the street, much to the dismay of two young men who keep setting it off.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
“4 Finalists Compete”
It’s getting down to the wire, as the remaining four finalists perform live for America’s votes in the hopes of moving forward.

The Middle | 8pm on ABC
“The Clover”
Brick gets anything but good luck after he finds an evil four-leaf clover; Frankie makes a decision to find a caregiver for Aunt Edie after she almost burns down her house; Axl tries to devise a plan that will keep his status as a lady’s man in play after he once again accidentally invites “weird” Ashley to the prom; Mike gets upset with his dad, Big Mike, when he’s accused of being too soft on Brick; and Axl is horrified when his friend Darrin asks Sue to the prom.

Suburgatory | 8:30pm on ABC
“The Great Compromise”
As Tessa adjusts to having Eden living with them, she finds Eden helpful in her pursuit of a summer internship, while George has difficulty with Eden’s parenting. Meanwhile Sheila interferes with Noah’s relationship with Eden, and Malik and Lisa debate which camp to attend.

So much more. Keep reading…

Criminal Minds | 9pm on CBS
“Profiling 101”
Rossi and the team present one of the longest-tenured serial killer cases to college students, and they take the class through a nearly 20-year chase for the murderer.

Modern Family | 9pm on ABC
Nothing is more quintessential to good ol’ family fun than a trip to Disneyland – but not without a side of motion sickness, achy feet and a wayward toddler – when the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan hits the park! Phil tries to keep up with Luke, Claire’s shocked when they run into Dylan, Jay and Gloria disagree about what are sensible shoes for the day, and Mitch and Cam must contain Lily’s new affinity for running.

America’s Next Top Model | 9pm on CW
“Nicholas Tse”
The models are challenged with having to learn a fight sequence and act in a scene with Nicholas Tse, international actor and pop star. The pressure is on as the women have to pose while harnessed atop a high rise tower in extreme rain and wind. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Nicholas Tse as well as Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for elimination.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 | 9:30pm on ABC
“Making Rent…”
June struggles to make ends meet and comes up with a creative way to make some extra cash for this month’s rent. She decides to mass produce and sell her homemade jam, but when Chloe gets in on the action, she takes it to a whole new level. Meanwhile, James launches his own line of super skinny jeans called none other than ‘Beek Jeans,’ of course.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | 10pm on CBS | Season 12 Finale
When the CSI team investigates three dead bodies just blocks away from a campaign dinner, they think they know who the killer is before making a shocking discovery.

Law & Order: SVU | 10pm on NBC
“Learning Curve”
As Detective Tutuola’s son Ken prepares to tell his father that he is getting married, his fiancé is brutally assaulted by a street gang. He’s the latest in a string of recent hate crimes against gay men, and before the SVU squad can arrest a suspect, a school teacher (guest star Tony Hale), is similarly brutalized even though he doesn’t fit the pattern. As the detectives search for a connection, they learn that he was dismissed from an elite private school for having an inappropriate relationship with a student (guest star Dylan Minnette). In trying to make their case, they quickly realize the facts don’t add up and another teacher (guest star Jane Adams) may hold the clues to what really happened.

Revenge | 10pm on ABC
The year is 2002 in the Hamptons. Emily, who is still Amanda Clarke, is wayward and reckless until Nolan convinces her to read her father’s journals. It is then that it all starts sinking in, and Amanda starts staking out the Grayson home, identifying all of the Grayson Global players her father described, and piecing together the truth. Her anger builds into determination and focus; this is where it all begins – the genesis of Amanda’s ultimate plan to bring justice to her father.

The Soup | 10pm on E!
A weekly recap of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. The show is hosted by Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), who provides sarcastic and biting commentary on the hottest celeb news events and goofiest reality clips.

Also playing…

  • Rock Center with Brian Williams | 9pm on NBC
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter | “Bus Stop Bruiser” | 9:30pm on A&E
  • Hot in Cleveland | “Some Like it Hot” | 10pm on TV Land

What will you be watching?

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