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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, May 11, 2012

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It’s the end of the week and the end of the season for a lot of your favorites: FRINGE (Sorry, Marisa!), THE FINDER, BLUE BLOODS and CSI: NY are sadly leaving us.

How will you be kicking off the weekend? Look below to find out!

Undercover Boss | 8pm on CBS | Season 3 Finale
MasTec CEO Jose Mas works undercover at his infrastructure-construction company and receives an explosive surprise.

Who Do You Think You Are? | 8pm on NBC
“Jason Sudeikis”
Jason Sudeikis has almost no information about his grandfather who died when his father was a child. In Chicago, Jason researches the cryptic story of his grandfather’s death and discovers new details about his life. As he continues to learn more, a surprising discovery is revealed about his great grandfather’s family life. A trip to Pennsylvania brings Jason to the coal mines his great great grandfather worked in as an immigrant from Lithuania and the extreme dangers he faced each day.

The Finder | 8pm on Fox | Series Finale
“The Boy with the Bucket”
When Walter’s older brother Langston (guest star George Stults) comes to town, he asks Walter to visit their dying father. As his dying wish, his father asks Walter to find his first love, Walter and Langston’s mother (guest star Annette O’Toole). Taking on the most important search of his life, Walter battles obstacles which may prove to be insurmountable as his father’s health rapidly declines. Meanwhile, Willa is being forced to marry Timo by their Uncle Shadrack (guest star Eric Roberts). [Have you seen the photos from the hour?]

Shark Tank | 8pm on ABC
“Episode 315”
Emotions run high on both sides of the Tank when Billy Blanks, Jr., the once-homeless son of Tae Bo legend Billy Blanks, asks the Sharks to invest in his and his wife’s dance fitness program designed for all ages, shapes and sizes. A music producer from El Segundo, CA, wants to convince the Sharks to add a rock band to their portfolios. Also: Two college students from Eugene, OR, who started their flavored peanut butter business from their dorm room; and two guys from New York with what they believe is the next big trend in swimwear – interchangeable bikini wear. Plus, there’s a follow-up on Steve Gadlin from Evanston, IL, and his I Want To Draw A Cat For You drawing business, which Mark invested in during Season 3.

Nikita | 8pm on The CW
Percy calls the President the United States and threatens to set off a nuclear explosion unless his demands are met. Birkhoff finds two scientists who could help stop Percy’s new nuclear satellite, so Nikita and Michael head after one and Sean and Alex look for the other. Unfortunately, Alex and Sean get caught at the very location that Percy blows up as an example of his power. Meanwhile, Nikita realizes the best way to stop Percy is to go into the belly of the beast: Division itself.

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CSI:NY | 9pm on CBS | Season 8 Finale
“Near Death”
When Mac is shot, he finds himself in limbo between life and death and, as he fights for his life, it’s up to his team to bring the shooter to justice.

Grimm | 9pm on NBC
“Big Feet”
After Juliette stumbles upon a brutal murder, Nick learns the suspected creature (guest star Kenneth Mitchell), and friend of Monroe, is suffering from a mysterious condition – the inability to completely return to human form. This mysterious condition leads them to a therapist (guest star Roger Bart) who’s created an artificial drug to suppress the creature side, with horrifying side effects. Meanwhile, the investigation takes a surprising turn when Hank sees something he can’t quite explain.

Fringe | 9pm on Fox | Season 4 Finale
“Brave New World, Part 2 of 2”
In the climactic conclusion of the Season Four finale, the Fringe team is pushed to their breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone. [Check out photos from the hour, plus our interview with Blair Brown (Nina) and some teases from Leonard Nimoy (William Bell)!]

Supernatural | 9pm on The CW
“There Will Be Blood”
In order to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must locate three key items. Castiel helps with one, but for the last objects, the Winchesters must face two of their strongest opponents: an Alpha and Crowley. Meanwhile, Bobby tries out a new ghost trick that ends up being very dangerous.

Fairly Legal | 9pm on USA
“Kiss Me, Kate”
Kate and Ben help Nicastro navigate a dispute with a transit-workers union. Elsewhere, after buying a painting for the firm, Lauren goes to bat for artists’ rights in a surprising manner.

Blue Bloods | 10pm on CBS | Season 2 Finale
“Mother’s Day”
Frank must race to stop a biological weapon attack on New York City, while keeping it a secret from his family during their most sentimental holiday, Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, a long-standing conflict between Danny and Jamie comes to a head.

Common Law | 10pm on USA | Series Premiere
“Common Law (Pilot)”
In the premiere of this drama series, odd-couple detectives Wes and Travis begin couples therapy on their New Age captain’s orders in an attempt to salvage their crumbling partnership. While the pair sort out their differences, they also trail a killer responsible for the death of a federal judge’s son.

Magic City | 10pm on Starz
“The Harder They Fall”
Ike and Ben Diamond place a bundle on a boxing match; Jackie Kennedy begs off on Vera. Meanwhile, blackmail photos meant for Stevie wind up in Danny’s hands; and Klein discovers something that will have a profound impact on Ike.

Also playing…

  • Primetime: What Would You Do? | 9pm on ABC
  • Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country | “Road Trip” | 9pm on CMT
  • America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back | “Episode #24” | 9pm on Lifetime
  • Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids | “Insults and Insecurities” | 9pm on TLC
  • Tyler Perry’s House of Payne | “Stop, Drop and Roll”/”No Pass, No Play” | 9 and 9:30pm on TBS
  • Fashion Police | 10pm on E!

Leave a comment and let me know what you will be tuning in to. Have a great weekend!

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