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Well, I’m fairly certain this is a first for the 2012-2013 season — NBC’s new comedy ANIMAL KINGDOM has an animal listed among its stars (that would be Crystal, as Dr. Zaius…I’m not an animal expert, but I’m fairly certain she’s a monkey.)

Take a look at some photos from the comedy, a couple clips and the network’s official description…

And NBC’s take on the show…

“Meet Dr. George Coleman, a top-dog New York veterinarian. With an unorthodox style of operating, George’s success comes from his undeniable gift with animals of all kinds. That is, all but the human kind.

Dorothy Crane once held the key to George’s heart, but today she also holds the key to the family business as she takes over Crane Animal Hospital. Not only is she George’s new boss, but her romantic history with him (and her lack of experience with animals) is seriously cramping his style. Dorothy is whip-smart and ambitious, and she’s going to make George pay for the past. Needless to say, he’s determined not to make any changes in his (animal) kingdom – which includes poker games with a resident chimpanzee.

Starring Justin Kirk (“Weeds”) and directed by Emmy winners Joe and Anthony Russo (“Happy Endings,” “Community,” “Arrested Development”), this is a comedy where the animals are running the asylum.”

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