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GO ON on NBC – First Look

May 13, 2012 by  

Matthew Perry is returning to NBC!

Sure, the former FRIENDS star did appear on an NBC drama (the short-lived STUDIO 60), but something just feels right about Perry being on an NBC comedy.

But will his new series, GO ON, be the next FRIENDS? We’re still months away from knowing that. But the good news is you can get your first look at some previews now. Take a look at some clips from the pilot, a couple of photos and an official description of the new series…

UPDATED: Just added this new trailer from NBC’s Upfronts presentation…

NBC’s take on the show: “Misery loves company. Unless you’re sportscaster Ryan King, who thinks misery should just be left alone.

After taking some time off, Ryan – who recently lost his wife in a car accident – is now ready to get back to work. And while he seems like his same old charming, cocky self, his boss won’t put him back on the air until he seeks counseling. So, Ryan reluctantly joins a support group with one goal in mind: get in, get out and get back on the radio as quickly as possible.

Played by the fast-talking, sarcastic, and charismatic Matthew Perry, Ryan gives grief a real run for its money. Within one day of group therapy, he hijacks the meeting and suddenly the downtrodden are cajoled into playing a game of “who has the best sob story?” And in no time all of them are battling it out, trying to one-up each other’s despair. Now, this is fun!

Ryan’s total lack of interest in healing might be just what this group needs – and maybe, exactly what he needs to move on with his life. From Emmy-winning writer and executive producer Scott Silveri (“Perfect Couples,” “Friends”) comes a new series that proves grief can be good.”

What do you think?

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