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GLEE: ‘Props/Nationals’ LIVE Blog

May 15, 2012 by  

Two hours of GLEE tonight my friends. Like any good GLEE fan, I’m balancing the absolute joy with the dread.

Rather than invite you back to read my post-episode commentary, I’m going to live a little more in the moment tonight and LIVE blog my GLEE thoughts as I watch the show starting at 8pm EST. If you’re also watching I’d love for you to join me and share your posts in the comments below…it’s always more fun watching with friends.

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And with that we are one week away from a GLEE graduation! Can you believe it? Listen, I hate to get too excited over a promo but did you see Burt Hummel doing ‘Single Ladies’? Kurt echoing his “I’ll never say goodbye to you” and all those legit tears in the choir room. I’m not ready, but bring it!

Promo for next week’s “Graduation”


Thanks for sticking with me through this live blog for the past two hours. It’s been a treat.

H.G.I.C. Out!

  • “We are the Champions” and I am the champion of crying gleeks all across the land. I really need to get a set. Geesh.
  • Will wins. Finn gives a speech. I wonder if he’ll let everyone know that he’s the best man in his teacher’s upcoming wedding. Awkwardsauce?
  • What’s this special event Figgins needs the New Directions for? Teacher of the Year awards. I wonder how this will go? Hmmm.
  • Winning Nationals is everything Rachel Berry promised it would be. The school falls over them with love and admiration. Britanna kisses. Emma agrees to finally have sex with her fiance. Kurt and Blaine make out. Finchel embraces. Rachel is asked for her autograph by an underclassmen. The trophy is finally in its rightful place.
  • What is Blaine wearing? And Kurt for that matter? Oh GLEE stylists!
  • New Directions won NATIONALS!! Congratulations!
  • The Nationals MVP goes to Unique! That’s a nice consolation, given what I think is about to happen.
  • Jesse St. James didn’t get into NYADA. Please please let him audition again. I need him in NYC next year. He’s pulling for Rachel with Whoopi. Makes up for the egg over her head. But does it?
  • Lindsay and Perez are awkward. I almost miss Kathy Griffin. Almost.
  • So Vocal Adrenaline just kicked New Directions ass. Can we expect a disaster? What’s going on?
  • Unique; “Aren’t we suppose to be enemies?” Mercedes: “That not how we roll in the New Directions.” – except for every other second when we are ready to kill each other. Uh Oh…Unique just hinted at possible transferring to McKinley next year. I like Unique but no no no to Alex! Please no.
  • Kurtcedes is having a total meltdown over going on stage as ‘Unique’.
  • And that’s all she wrote. Ladies and Gentleman…the last official competition performance by New Directions. (Ok, I’m annoying myself with all this sap. I’ll try to stop.)
  • Zach Woodlee outdid himself with “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” – the way the entire group is featured is phenomenal.
  • YAY Whoopi showed! I mean we all knew she would but…oh shut up, I’m just gleeking out.
  • Rachel Berry’s final competition solo of her high school career. She’s taking on Celine. Kill it girl!
  • And let’s all please take a moment to talk about the fact that rest of the girls in The Troubletones didn’t take the bus or even rehearse with the New Directions.
  • They are on the ‘Edge of Glory’ and I’m on the edge of crying. Why am I so emotional?
  • The judges: Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, and LLOYD!!
  • And a wild Mercedes appears! She’s back. Who would have thought?
  • The gleeks want to win Nationals for Mr. Schue. Cue ‘To Sir with Love’.
  • Jesse St. James. I know I am suppose to loathe you, but you are so damn pretty.  The Groff – I heart you! You all felt the sexual tension between Finn and Jesse, right?  Am I the only one? Yes. Ok.
  • Stay away from Senorita Salsation on your next trip to Chicago. Especially if you are a New Directions Diva! Mercedes, Get Well Soon! Seriously, they can’t win without you.

….and now it’s time for National 2012!!

  • Four years in the making and the ladies of ‘Spring Awakening’ are dueting – Tinchel, what a feeling!
  • Um, Tina, I’m all for you being a team player but stop drinking the ‘Berry-flavored’ Kool-Aid’
  • Beiste and Cooter, heavy stuff.  But if it leads to a Shannon and Puck Taylor Swift I can handle it. Have I ever said how glad I am that Dot Marie Jones joined this class. She’s just wonderful!
  • Tina: “Rachel Berry is a pain in the ass.” — That has to be a t-shirt, right?
  • Who is this guy singing to Whoopi?  Another GLEE PROJECT winner that has been hidden until now?
  • Rick the Stick is kicking Puck’s ass. I need Kurt to climb out of the dumpster and come to Puck’s rescue. Heart broke a little seeing Puck in the dumpster. Heart broke more seeing Puck have a complete emotional breakdown. Mark Salling is killing this tonight. He’s never been better. This cold hearted snake of a blogger might have shed a tear.
  • Next year you’ll be the New Directions lead, Tina…until Ryan Murphy and co add ten more people to the cast.
  • Tina and Rachel haven’t talked this much, um, ever. Is #Tinchel trending yet?
  • I like the sentiment of the Coach Beiste storyline, but just as two weeks ago, they way they nestle in the comedy around it is just awkward.
  • Teacher: “This is the teachers’ lounge. Our sacred space.”
    Santana: “Brit and I are gay and Mercedes is black, so kicking us out would be a hate crime.”
  • Sam: “Shouldn’t we be in some kind of grinding union?”
    Santana: “Wanky.”
  • Over so soon? NO! Go back to being…um, each other.
  • This episode had to be a blast to film for the actors! The way they are getting in to the other characters. YES!
  • Sue as Mr. Schue is HOT! Blaine as Puck. Kurt as Finn. Mike as Joe. Quinn as Sugar. I don’t know where to look. This is just too much eye candy.
  • Welcome to Freaky Friday, GLEE-style. Puck is Blaine. Finn is Kurt. Wonder if they’ll smooch. Wait, Kurt and Blaine don’t do that on this show, I’m sure these two won’t.
  • “Being gay doesn’t mean you’re a cross-dresser.” Thanks, Blaine.
  • TINA.COHEN.CHANG. demands to be heard. You go, Asian #1.
  • Rachel Berry you are persistent. And by persistent I mean annoying!
  • I’m in the ‘Lea Michele can sing just about anything‘ camp, but this Jason Mraz isn’t best suited for her incredible voice. Anyone else obsessed with song right now?
  • Rachel has a picture of her and Blaine holding hands on her vanity. Let it go, Rachel. He’s gay. Alright it was a pic of ‘West Side Story’ but still.
  • Why God Why wasn’t there a Halloween ep of GLEE featuring Klaine of New Jersey! Brilliant!
  • Crazy meta moment when the ‘That’s What You Missed on GLEE’ guy calls out the fact that Tina has been ignored since pretty much the show began.



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5 Responses to “GLEE: ‘Props/Nationals’ LIVE Blog”

  1. Molly on May 15th, 2012 8:05 pm

    Didn’t we already have one of these “Rachel feels sorry for herself” moments last week? Also laughing at the various publicity stills used in the frames on her desk.

  2. Kath Skerry on May 15th, 2012 8:06 pm

    Yes.. and every episode, always.

  3. Sarah on May 15th, 2012 9:38 pm

    Post anything and everything about Kurt and Blaine please!

  4. Sze on May 15th, 2012 9:48 pm

    Thanks so much for the live blog! Am at work (at the other end of the world so it’s morning here!) and can’t watch it yet!

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