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Team StarKid Apocalyptour Video Mailbag – Got Questions?

May 16, 2012 by  

Following the amazing success of The SPACE Tour, internet sensation Team StarKid is back on the road in their second national tour: APOCALYPTOUR.

Despite their crazy schedule of traveling and performances, StarKid always put their fans first. As such, they have teamed up with GMMR for the StarKid APOCALYPTOUR Video Mailbag.   [Click here for Apocalyptour Ticket Information]

If you had the chance to ask anyone from Team StarKid one question, what would it be?

Think hard because we’re giving you that chance.

Submit your questions in the comments section below and if chosen, members of Team Starkid will answer YOU via video.

Let’s make these questions fantastic and fun, ok?

Please submit your questions by Friday, May  18th.
Include your name (or username) and what city you are from.

Tickets for The Apocalyptour are on sale now. Get tour dates and info on buying tickets at

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68 Responses to “Team StarKid Apocalyptour Video Mailbag – Got Questions?”

  1. Maddy Cripe on May 16th, 2012 10:23 am

    If you could have one mythical creature exist in real life, what would you want it to be?

  2. Maddy C on May 16th, 2012 10:30 am

    What is the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?

  3. Zuzanna on May 16th, 2012 11:23 am

    (Louisiana) Joeyy. Blink-182 is your favorite band. Blink is one of my favorite bands So what’s your favorite Blink song/album?

  4. Micha on May 16th, 2012 11:27 am

    Poole , UK

    If you had the chance to become an animagus, what animal would you be and why?

  5. Heather on May 16th, 2012 11:39 am

    In a zombie apocalypse, who do you think would get eaten first?

  6. Holly on May 16th, 2012 11:43 am

    Hey! Obviously I’m a huge fan but i was just wondering, with all the hype and pressure that surrounds your productions (both concert and plays) is there anything that stands out that you wish you could change? Like a character’s story line or what actor played what character? 🙂
    an Irish Starkid. 🙂

  7. Emma (from Brighton, UK) on May 16th, 2012 12:15 pm

    Hi, If you were an airplane where would you fly to and why?

  8. Agnes (Oslo, Norway) on May 16th, 2012 12:57 pm

    What are your favorite TV-shows?

  9. Charlotte Heath on May 16th, 2012 1:06 pm

    if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

  10. Ashley on May 16th, 2012 1:15 pm

    Why are female characters always background noise, or why do they always exist for the purpose of the main, male character? It’s about time the lady Starkids were shown a little more love, don’t you think?

  11. Haleigh Collins on May 16th, 2012 1:39 pm

    To all of Team Starkid, which do you prefer?
    The Hunger Games or Harry Potter?

    (My anwser: Harry Potter, duh!!)

  12. Haleigh Collins on May 16th, 2012 1:40 pm

    What would you have done with your life if theater wasn’t available?

  13. Jared on May 16th, 2012 1:45 pm

    If you were a bug, about to get your job assigned by the overqueen, which candy would Sweet Tooth pull from his TARDIS-like coat to offer you- and would it be in congratulations… or condolence?

  14. Elisa on May 16th, 2012 2:57 pm

    What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

  15. Haleigh Collins on May 16th, 2012 3:01 pm

    Why haven’t you put any of the musicals on DVD?

  16. Haleigh Collins on May 16th, 2012 3:03 pm

    Which job would you have on bug world?

  17. Emma on May 16th, 2012 3:09 pm

    Where do you see yourselves as a group in 5 years?

  18. Maddy C on May 16th, 2012 3:40 pm

    From Corvallis, OR

    What has been your favorite/most memorable moment on tour thus far?

  19. kath on May 16th, 2012 3:58 pm

    @Haleigh – Just jumping in to let you know that STARSHIP is available for purchase on DVD. Here is the link:

    Buy it and support StarKid!

  20. ItalianStarKid on May 16th, 2012 5:11 pm

    My name’s Lorena, I’m from Milan (in northern Italy).
    I apologize if this is gonna be longer than I intend it to be, I understand if you’re not gonna answer because of this. I have a question, for everyone, but mostly for Joey.
    We all have our ups and downs, the Glow girls have their site (which by the way is really inspiring to me), and there’s a project, which i’m sure Joey knows, called INST – I’m Not Sad Today, started by an AWESOME fan… that’s really inspiring too.

    How do you feel, everyone, knowing that this Team you’ve created, the love and dedication you put into this, have saved lives? How do you, Joey, feel, knowing you’ve saved mine? I never underestimate the power of words, and I hope you all do the same, and trust me when I say, Team Starkid is keeping me alive. Every time I feel desperate, every time i feel there’s nothing else worth living for, I remember you, Joey. The way you always seem to face life with a smile.
    If it wasn’t for Team Starkid i wouldn’t be living. I would be merely existing. Surviving. Struggling.
    All in all, my question is, how do you feel, knowing you all have such an impact on your fans’ lives?

  21. laiq on May 16th, 2012 6:10 pm

    Tammy, England UK.

    Whats the one song you’ve never had a chance to sing on tour or in the shows that you would like to?

    Can you give us any hints about any future starkid projects in the works?

  22. Zayna on May 16th, 2012 6:27 pm

    Are there any famous people you have as role models or inspire you?
    And one other random question why does joe walker wear a red sox hat if hes from new york (see pmc)
    Love a new york yankee starkid:) #wecantbefriends :p

  23. Alyssa on May 16th, 2012 7:09 pm

    Hi! My name is Alyssa from Illinois and I think you guys ar schnazzy. My question is what do your parents think about Team Starkid? or Where would you be if there was no Team Starkid? Thanks!

  24. Jackie on May 16th, 2012 7:34 pm

    What kind of music do you guys listen to? Favorite bands/artists?

  25. Isabel A. on May 16th, 2012 7:39 pm

    Hi!! I’m Isabel and I’m from Los Angeles. My question is: What would you name the autobiography of your life?

  26. Amy on May 16th, 2012 7:45 pm

    What is your favorite dessert food?

    – Amy from Arizona

  27. Gabi on May 16th, 2012 7:50 pm

    Hey Starkid!

    If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

    – Gabi from Vancouve, Canada

  28. Sarah Shales on May 16th, 2012 9:11 pm

    June Saito, what was your inspiration for each of the APOCALYPTOUR outfits? I’ve seen some suggestions on tumblr such as Joey’s being Professor Porter from Tarzan; but I was just wondering if it was true.

  29. Elisa on May 16th, 2012 10:18 pm

    Adding the city I’m from! Calgary, (in Canada)

  30. Shoshi on May 17th, 2012 1:54 pm

    Hi, I’m Shoshi from Sydney 🙂
    If you could choose any parody musical StarKid would do next, regardless of how realistic it is, what would you choose and why?

  31. Jane on May 17th, 2012 2:13 pm

    Hi, I am Jane from St. Petersburg, Russia.
    You have lots of fans now, but have you ever been a really crazy fan of someone yourself (queued for autographs, tried to get photos, sent them messages etc)?

  32. Shoshana on May 17th, 2012 2:18 pm

    How do you guys feel knowing that you are such an inspiration, and you make such an impact on your fans’ lives?
    — Shoshana (Sydney, Australia)

  33. Sacha on May 17th, 2012 2:27 pm

    What role you played in the past was the most fun and why?

  34. Sacha on May 17th, 2012 2:29 pm

    Aw I forgot to say where I’m from. Let’s try again shall we.

    What role you played in the past was the most fun and why?
    – Sacha, The Netherlands

  35. Chantelle on May 17th, 2012 2:47 pm

    What is the craziest/best thing about traveling the world with your best friends?

    Also, how do you guys deal with having fans? Is it weird to you, or something you can get used to?

  36. Holly on May 17th, 2012 2:48 pm

    If you were in Star Wars, would you be on the side of the light or dark? Both have benefits after all :p
    Also- what colour would your light saber be? 😀

  37. Holly on May 17th, 2012 2:50 pm

    If you had a theme park what would you call it? And what would be the main attraction?
    P.S i know i’m posting a lot- I’m just excited! I love your work 🙂

  38. Holly on May 17th, 2012 2:51 pm

    P.P.S I’m from Ireland- sorry :L

  39. Alana on May 17th, 2012 3:39 pm

    Do any of you have a favorite group or solo number from the Apocalyptour that you enjoy watching from the wings?

  40. Alana on May 17th, 2012 3:40 pm

    ^Whoops! And I’m from Orlando =)

  41. Esti on May 17th, 2012 3:43 pm

    Do you like roller coasters? If so, what is the best roller coaster you’ve ever been on?

    (PS: Denver in the only city in the country to have an amusement park in its downtown area. If you have a chance go to Elitch Gardens and ride the Mind Eraser!)

    -Esti from Denver

  42. Lore on May 17th, 2012 3:49 pm

    In spirit of the Fan Challenges you have been doing on the tours: Which famous person would you like to give a (fan) challenge and what would it be?

    – Lore, Belgium

  43. Sharon (Minnesota) on May 17th, 2012 4:08 pm

    How often does a fan recognize you while you’re working your non-theatrical day job?

  44. Norah on May 17th, 2012 4:12 pm

    What’s coming for the Dikrats next?


  45. Emelie on May 17th, 2012 4:37 pm

    Imagine a scenario where the members of Team Starkid would have attended different colleges, and never have met during those years. Where do they think they’d be right now?

  46. Alison on May 17th, 2012 4:55 pm

    Hello! I was just wondering that if you could make your own television show, what would it be about and who would star in it? Lots of Love, Alison from Parsippany 🙂

  47. Laurin on May 17th, 2012 5:42 pm

    Jaime (or any of the girls),
    What has been the proudest or most memorable moment of your career as a StarKid so far?

    Laurin from Chesterton

  48. Laurin on May 17th, 2012 5:51 pm

    Dylan (or any of the guys),
    Knowing you have a lot of fans that are girls, how exciting is it to come across a fan that is a guy?

    Laurin from Chesterton

  49. Hannah zebede on May 17th, 2012 7:17 pm

    Have you guys just took a moment too remminisce on all the good times you all had in college?

  50. Haleigh Collins on May 17th, 2012 8:10 pm

    Let me rephrase my question: why haven’t the very potter musicals been put on DVD. I already plan to buy starship, now that it’s on DVD.
    Haleigh, from Brookeland, Texas. One of the smallest town in the state 🙁

  51. Kirsten Brown on May 17th, 2012 11:39 pm

    Hi I’m Kirsten Brown from Toronto, Ontario. My (short 2 part) question goes out to any of you freaking awesome Starkids willing to answer it:
    What got you into theatre and why did you decide to turn it into a career?
    Thanks guys, stay classy and awesome.

  52. Haleigh Collins on May 18th, 2012 1:15 am

    To Nick Lang, or any available Starkid if he is not there, in holy musical b@man- in the song superfriends, why doesnt robin say, “I want to be a starship ranger?”
    Brookeland, texas

  53. Ola Kowalczyk on May 18th, 2012 12:34 pm

    Question for Brian Rosenthal: What’s your dream role?

    Ola (Warsaw, Poland)

  54. Emma O'Neill on May 18th, 2012 1:37 pm

    Not so much as a question but more of a plead to come to the UK! Have you ever thought of performing a play at the Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Featival? The material would fit right in there!

  55. laiq on May 18th, 2012 1:42 pm

    Tammy, England, UK

    Brian H and Joe W it was great to see you guys do some “straight acting” in Chris Allens short film “OMG” (You were both amazing) – do you prefer drama or comedy?

    Also, if you guys could appear on any TV show currently airing, which would you chose?

  56. Nicole on May 18th, 2012 1:50 pm

    If you were to come to the UK or anywhere else, would you do a tour like Apocalyptour or would you perform a musical? 🙂

  57. ketaki on May 18th, 2012 1:58 pm

    hey there!!
    i m a huge fan from india!! 🙂
    my question is: would you come to india to sing for a total of 3 fans??
    just kidding.. you deserve all the wild fans and more!! 🙂
    my actual question is: you guys are the idols of so many people, there’s so many of us who draw inspiration from you, who are some of your personal heroes??
    much love @ team starkid.

  58. Jasmine the Giraffe on May 18th, 2012 5:17 pm

    Who is the smartest member of Team Starkid? Who knows the most useless knowledge? 😀

  59. Jasmine the Giraffe on May 18th, 2012 5:21 pm

    Whoops and I’m from Toronto, Ontario

  60. Ola Kowalczyk on May 18th, 2012 5:34 pm

    Also, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    Ola (Warsaw, Poland)

  61. Julie Peacock on May 18th, 2012 7:10 pm

    The Actual Question to Everyone: Do you have any favorite authors? Favorite books? Recommendations on books to read?

    A Question to Brian Rosenthal: Did you like Texas? Because we loved having you! You are wonderful!!
    A Statement to Meredith: You are such an inspiration to me! Essentially the chorus to “You Are My Sunshine” reflects how I feel about you because whenever I feel upset or angry you can just make my day so much better!!
    To Message to Dylan: You are absolutely phenomenal and have one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard!

    Lots of Love to All of You, You Guys are Amazing!!
    -Julie [Houston, Texas]

  62. Maddy C on May 18th, 2012 11:49 pm

    What do you like to do on a rainy day?

    -Maddy, Corvallis, OR

  63. Maddy C on May 18th, 2012 11:52 pm

    What is your favorite exotic animal?

    -Maddy, Corvallis, OR

  64. Maddy C on May 19th, 2012 12:13 am

    Did you guys play any sports when you were younger?
    -Maddy, Corvallis, OR

  65. Maddy C on May 19th, 2012 12:20 am

    What do you wish you could tell your high school self?
    -Maddy, Corvallis, OR

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