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BONES: Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan Talk About the Fallout From ‘The Future in the Past’

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[Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of BONES, please stop reading and go watch it. Trust me. You won’t want to read this post until after you’ve viewed “The Future in the Past” because it will spoil a few very important aspects of the hour.]

All clear?

Um, what the WHAT?!

While it wasn’t totally surprising that Pelant is not gone for good (since the producers have been teasing all summer that he’ll be sticking around this season, and all), but that final shot that showed Flynn may not be all that he seems? I have QUESTIONS.

The good news? I was able to track down BONES executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan to tease when Flynn (and Pelant) will be back, Hodgins being pushed to the extreme, and why our team still isn’t out of the woods yet…

When are you guys going to touch on the Flynn mystery again?
Hart Hanson: He belongs to the Pelant episodes, and we’ll have three or four of those this season.
Stephen Nathan: He’ll be back in January.

Will the audience be left guessing about his character for the rest of the season?
HH: If we do this right, the hanging question about Flynn will be lasting a while. Whose side is he on?

When you introduced him last season, did you know this question of his loyalty would be brought up?
HH: No. No.
SN: It always unfolds.
HH: We had an idea in the second [episode] and it was a good idea. So we went with it.
SN: [Jokes] We probably know these characters better than anybody, but we had no idea going into this that Pelant would wind up marrying Brennan. We were really surprised that that worked.
HH: [Laughs] Print that!

I will print that with the caveat that you guys are making me.
HH: Every show I do, Reed Diamond (Flynn) has to be in. He’s completely underestimated.
SN: He’s also so fantastic in the first episode [of the season]. So good. He was just great.

We also saw a side of Hodgins that we had never seen…
SN: That was something we had a good time with doing. That was one of those things where we were sitting around and went, “Hey, let’s do this!” And it worked because it was organic, and TJ [Thyne (Hodgins)] will do anything. And TJ will not only do anything, but he’ll pull it off.
HH: One of the questions we have is, you do something rational. Utterly rational. Like Brennan taking off with Christine and her dad. Totally rational. It has an effect. There’s a shadow that follows rational thought. And here’s Hodgins, Mr. Rational, one of the scientists, all of a sudden, he just [thinks], that man hurt them. And Hodgins doesn’t like that.

It was an amazing scene. Are we going to see the consequences from that play out later in the season?
HH: It takes a lot for that man to go to those lengths. He has his own journey to take this season. And once you go somewhere, it’s not impossible for you to go there again. But he was under extreme duress at that moment. He didn’t know what was going on; Angela hadn’t told him anymore than he had told anyone else; everything was wrong. And then he had that object in his sights. That guy thought he had Hodgins figured out — like the audience does. People surprise you. And that’s how we wanted it.
SN: We see the vulnerabilities that Pelant is not used to. But, he always manages to cover his tracks, which is something that our people are not used to.
HH: And what I love about Pelant, he can win in two ways. He won that. Hodgins doing that to him, he didn’t quite win, but he was really close.
SN: They still don’t have any idea of how to ultimately get Pelant, because they have finally met their match.

Is your jaw still on the floor? BONES is back, guys!


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4 Responses to “BONES: Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan Talk About the Fallout From ‘The Future in the Past’”

  1. Susan S. on September 18th, 2012 9:09 pm

    Thank you Hart and Stephen for being so accessible to the fans. We so appreciate it. We also love what you’re doing with the show. You’re maintaining an interesting relationship between Brennan and Booth. I really enjoy them as a family. And you’ve really kept the darker aspects of the show in play with the Pelant character. He’s dangerous and interesting and he keeps everyone on their toes. So thank you. Excited to see where this season takes us. -Susan

  2. John P on September 19th, 2012 8:49 am

    Why did you choose to use the name Pelant for the bad guy when you used it
    for the name of an Army Officer in the episode where Booth returns to the Army?

  3. Jeremy on September 20th, 2012 9:55 am

    I’m so excited Bones is back; it was long summer without. I was really surprised by Hodgins’ behavior with Pelant, I think what happened with Gravedigger drastically changed him on a personal level. My coworker at DISH was excited for the show to come back too. He stopped watching because last season was so focused on Booth and Brennan. This season, I have my Hopper DVR with PrimeTime Anytime to catch every episode for me. It will automatically record all the shows in prime time from the four major networks without me having to set any timers for individual shows. I’m anxious to see what happens with Pelant: I assume the team will catch him for good by the end of the season, one way or another.

  4. Annie on April 28th, 2013 3:00 pm

    I hate Pelant…John P, I noticed the name of that army officer that had the name Pelant too…wondered about that myself.