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SCANDAL: Josh Malina Teases Season 2

September 27, 2012 by  

After a torturous summer break, SCANDAL finally returns tonight.

But what can you expect? I tracked down newly minted SCANDAL series regular Joshua Malina (David) to find out what he could tease…

Congrats on officially being a series regular! What was your reaction when you found out the news?
Josh Malina: I was really waiting to find out if the show was going to get picked up. As of the first season, I actually had a contract to be a regular [going forward], so I really knew it was in the cards if the show got picked up…but I kind of knew [I’d become a regular in season 2] for 10 months, and I wanted it to happen so badly. So it was really a tremendous relief.

Looking towards season 2, are you tired yet of everyone asking you who Quinn is?
JM: I’m not tired, but I only wish — for a long time, I just wished that I knew more, and I now I know a little more and just can’t say anything. Except to assure the audience, we get right into it. The first episode starts to deal with it right away.

What can you say about that first episode?
JM: I can say I’m involved in a very interesting case, and that over the course of the first episode, it’s unclear about whether I can work with Olivia or we’re going to be antagonists once again.

Are you surprised that many people seem to be seeing a potential romantic spark between him and Olivia?
JM: I’m delighted. As an older man, being considered romantic with a younger woman, it’s all good for me. I feel a little sorry for Kerry [Washington (Olivia)], but…I always felt in the writing and in the playing, there was a playful tension bubbling underneath. I don’t know whether or where [the writers] will go with it, but I’m delighted.

Have you talked with SCANDAL creator Shonda Rhimes about your arc for the year?
JM: Not at all. I know better than to ask, because she’s not going to tell me anything. And whatever it is she wants to tell you, she’ll tell you. And anything beyond that, she’s not going to tell you. She’s funny. She likes toying with it. What’s really interesting is I have learned that she wants to know everything about everyone. If there’s something about you that she thinks is interesting going on, she will get it out of you.  But she’s very good at stonewalling you.”

Gotta learn to barter with her — tell her what she wants to know in exchange for character information.
JM: I have been trying to figure out…I’ve been trying to get some goods on other people so I can leverage that and get information about my character.

Totally an appropriate thing to do.
JM: I think so.

What do you really hope to see this season? Is there anything you want to play, someone you hope to work with more?
JM: Hm, that’s a good question. I love everybody, but I was saying to Tony [Goldwyn (Fitz)] on set the other day — we were doing a photoshoot — and I was saying, “I never really see you at work. I see you at photoshoots.” It does not seem inconceivable to me that David and the White House could intersect. That would be fun for me. I would like to work with those guys because they’re such good actors.

Do you think he could hold his own against the President? Or do you think he’d cower a little?
JM: I think David could hold his own against anyone. I think in some ways you could argue — and I’m obviously biased on his behalf — I think you could argue he’s the only character that has stood up to Olivia at times. As much of a powerhouse as the President is, I think David could stand up to him.

And what do you feel like has been the biggest change between filming season 1 and season 2?
JM: That’s a very good question. I would say there’s a comfort level of knowing we’re going to be around for a while. There’s such a desperation to doing a pilot and even to being picked up — especially for a small order. And my career, rarely do you get asked on to a show that’s already a running thing like THE WEST WING. I was very lucky and I knew I was stepping into something that was a big hit already. Most of the other times, you’re wildly running to check on the ratings every week. And you’re wondering if you’re going to be back the next week. With this, we have an established feeling of, okay, we can exhale and enjoy each other, and calm our way into it. Calm down a bit.

Last year you guys did shoot the entire season before it aired. Did you prefer that experience or are you happy you’ll still be filming when the second season premieres?
JM: I love getting feedback. I love the whole Twitter of it, I love that people are literally reacting as they watch scenes play out. It’s just a new age where one screen isn’t enough and it’s more of a communal thing. That cyber way where thousands of people — if not millions — are experiencing it at the same time. It’s like a giant movie theater.

SCANDAL premieres tonight at 10 PM on ABC.

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