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SCANDAL: Joshua Malina and Darby Stanchfield on the ‘Hunting Season’ Twist

October 19, 2012 by  

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the SCANDAL episode, “Hunting Season.” If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now and then come back to see what Joshua Malina and Darby Stanchfield had to say about what’s next.]

Um, has your jaw left the floor yet, SCANDAL fans? Because holy hookup, Abby has just gotten herself into one heck of a mess — fresh off of a fight with Quinn (and presumably a good deal of alcohol), Abby somehow ended up in bed with David. You know, the same David who has built a wall of crazy to try and take down Abby’s boss. (This is going to end so well for them.)

“Even if it was a mistake or she needed to get laid or there were a few martinis inside of her…[or] being used by David, something happened,” Darby Stanchfield (Abby) told reporters on set. “I love it. I was like you guys are and [asking], ‘What’s next? How are they going to play this out? Is she going to see him again?’ The possibilities are endless. The one thing I can tell you about what happens next is, I thought it might be one thing, and it’s not just one little thing. It’s complicated, it’s so fun, and it gets really juicy. Really involved.”

And while it may be complicated, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s ending any time soon.

“I think there is, at least for a little while [the question of] are they into each other?” Josh Malina (David) teased. “Is he just not that into you and using you for information? Is she using him? Because they definitely have these adversarial and common interests. I think that will be a question that will continue for a while — where do these guys actually stand with each other?”

Of course, where they stand with each other isn’t the only obstacle they’ll have to overcome. With David’s obsession to take down Olivia potentially being behind this coupling, chances are Abby’s team wouldn’t be thrilled to find out who she took to bed.

“I think that’s a valid question,” Stanchfield said. “I think if you could title that scene of Abby and David having just had sex, you could title it ‘sleeping with the enemy.’ He really is the one that’s against Olivia Pope…It’s funny, because Abby has only messed up a couple of times. Abby has never really messed up. And that was messing up.”

David, however, was smart enough to keep Abby out his apartment for their little hookup.

“If you noticed — it was hard to see in that last scene — it was Abby’s apartment,” Stanchfield noted.

But David might not be able to escape detection that easily: “It will be an issue, I can say that,” was all Malina would tease.


So are you digging David and Abby?!


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