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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, November 19, 2012

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With PARTNERS now gone, I suppose Mondays are now a little bit easier (in theory), but there are still a whole lot of shows on.

Take a look at all of your options for tonight’s television…

The Voice | 8pm on NBC
“Live Top 10 Performances”
The top 10 artists perform live in front of coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton for America’s vote.

Dancing with the Stars | 8pm on ABC
“”Episode 1509”
Monday night’s performance show starts with a stunning pro performance to a medley of two iconic songs from “BAD25,” the album released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s legendary “Bad” album. Each of the remaining five couples will dance to a classic song from the album. The show will also feature three special dance performances, each sampling a song from the 13-track bonus disc from “BAD25.” Also on Monday night, each couple will dance a dance style they have not yet danced to a theme which was chosen for them by another couple on last week’s Results Show.

Bones | 8pm on Fox
“The Bod in the Pod”
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a crime scene cleanup expert whose remains are found mysteriously sealed in an impenetrable pod that washed up on the beach. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins learn that Cam is involved in a secret romance.

How I Met Your Mother | 8pm on CBS
“The Stamp Tramp”
Marshall recommends his old law school classmate Brad for a job at his firm, but the interview goes awry, leaving Marshall to do damage control with his boss. Meanwhile, Robin helps negotiate Barney’s return to the strip club circuit.

90210 | 8pm on The CW
“The Con”
Liam and Lindsey keep their relationship under wraps, but when Navid’s jealous streak gets the best of him, he arranges for Liam and Lindsey’s sex tape to be shown in place of Liam’s movie premiere at Phenomi-com. Riley admits his feelings to Annie, but Annie’s more interested in giving her relationship with Colin a chance. Meanwhile, Max tries to figure out how his company’s video game technology got hacked, so Naomi and Alec work together to demo a new video game at Phenomi-con. Taylor feels guilty for hooking up with Adrianna, so he tells her to end things with Dixon if she wants to be with him. Dixon collapses due to a spinal infection, and Adrianna learns that he stopped taking his pain medication because he was afraid to become addicted again.

So much more. Keep reading…

Gossip Girl | 9pm on The CW
“Where the Vile Things Are”
Blair gets ready for her mother’s imminent arrival, but is unprepared for the set of demands her mother puts upon her. Serena volunteers to help Dan find a new place to live, but their time together brings up unexpected emotions. With Ivy’s help, Chuck discovers there is evidence incriminating his father in illegal activities and enlists the help of Nate to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Rufus and Ivy are excited about their art gallery opening until they find an empty RSVP list and must scramble to find another way to make the event a success.

The Mob Doctor | 9pm on Fox
“Turf War”
When two innocent bystanders are caught up in an ambush meant for Franco and the rest of Moretti’s crew, Grace joins the action. As the war between Moretti and Constantine escalates, Grace makes a critical move in an attempt to end the feud.

2 Broke Girls | 9pm on CBS
“And The Three Boys With Wood”
Max and Caroline enlist two Amish boys who are exploring the modern world to build a barn for Chestnut. Meanwhile, Candy Andy discovers Caroline’s ex-billionaire identity.

Mike & Molly | 9:30pm on CBS
“Thanksgiving Is Cancelled”
When Mike gets sick for Thanksgiving, Molly is excited that she doesn’t have to cook – until Vince invites his brother to town for a homemade Thanksgiving meal.

Hawaii Five-0 | 10pm on CBS
“Ohuna (The Secret)”
While the team investigates the murder of a young computer hacker, McGarrett tries to stage a long-needed reunion between his mother and his sister.

Castle | 10:01pm on ABC
“After Hours”
In the aftermath of a disastrous “Meet the Parents” dinner, a bickering Castle and Beckett are sent to retrieve the only witness to a murder. But when they get ambushed, they’re forced to take the witness on the run. Stranded in the middle of the night in a bad part of town, with no phone, badge or gun, Castle and Beckett must find a way to protect him from a team of mobsters who want him silenced — that is, if they don’t kill each other first.

Revolution | 10:01pm on NBC
Miles and the gang are bound for Monroe’s lair – Independence Hall, but their efforts are impeded when they begin to have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. Meanwhile, Danny starts to grow suspicious of Rachel.

Also playing…

  • Secret Life of the American Teenager | 8pm on ABC Family | Holiday Special
  • Catfish: The TV Show | 11:01pm on MTV

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