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HOMELAND Season 2 Finale: Some Quick Thoughts

December 17, 2012 by  

[This post contains spoilers for the second season finale of HOMELAND.]

So, the HOMELAND finale was pretty freaking intense. I have a million and ten thoughts in my mind, so I decided to write a few of them down…

  • I love that Carrie and Brody went back to the cabin…AKA where their relationship fell apart last season.
  • I figured Quinn wouldn’t kill Brody up at the cabin, but I thought he might pop up again and make me sweat it out a bit later. Him showing up and threatening Estes? Pretty freaking epic. If he pops up next season, I wonder if he’ll tell Carrie how close he was to ending Brody’s life. (And where was he during the rest of the finale…?)
  • “You’re the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I’ve ever known.” I love you, Saul.
  • Bye, Estes. I liked you, but then you kept Saul hostage and tried to kill Brody, so I’m not too sad to see you go.
  • Who moved Brody’s car?
  • Poor Dana. She lost her dad and Finn. But I love that she finally knows the truth about what her dad almost did.
  • Carrie and Brody are one of the most twisted duos on television, and it felt like their relationship went through every single possible emotion during ‘The Choice” — there was reluctant joy, suspicion, determination, them versus the world, and heartbreak. I’m going to miss watching them every week.
  • Saul calling up Carrie’s cell after he was told she was likely dead? Killed me. His controlled grief was just unreal.
  • Brody’s tape being used against him for a terrorist attack he didn’t commit? That may have been the moment that led to my loudest gasp of the hour. (I’m so glad I watched this episode alone. There would have been rightful mocking if anyone witnessed that.)
  • I know some will dislike the writers keeping Brody alive, but I kind of love it. I doubt Brody will be back immediately in season 3 and now Carrie is put in the position of trying to clear Brody’s name…the exact opposite of where she was in season 1. It could potentially give the chance for the show to see where it stands without Brody being so ingrained in the DNA without taking the drastic step of killing him. Heck, if they killed him, would it REALLY have been a surprise? I feel like HOMELAND is better than that.
  • I loved that the end of season ended with Saul’s relieved smile over Carrie being alive. Only fitting after the season premiere closed with Carrie’s smile of joy over being back in the thick of her job.

Okay, that’s some of what’s going on in my brain right now. What did you guys think of the HOMELAND finale?

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3 Responses to “HOMELAND Season 2 Finale: Some Quick Thoughts”

  1. Ray on December 17th, 2012 2:44 am

    I think Saul is also a terrorist and have many theories to prove it

  2. JaniceLG on December 17th, 2012 2:50 am

    I LOVE the recap/thoughts Marisa. So two questions I kept asking at the start of the season: 1) Where is the tape/disc of Brody’s confession (E2orE3 found) and 2) Where is the vest? Then when I saw all his clothes laid out, I thought, did someone find the vest?

    -“You’re the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I’ve ever known.” I love you, Saul. << What Marisa said!
    -I want to say something mean about Dana, but I'll hold back. But overall, did not like her story at all.
    -The Saul to Carrie phone call and the last scene. Perfection, both of them. Kudos to Mandy. Amazing these "older", experienced, studied, and skilled actors (you can look Noble's way too). Too bad not more of them coming up thru Hollywood.
    -Who released Brody's tape? Don't recall where it was last. But thought it was limited to the "covert" group of like 10 people.

    Honestly, this season of Homeland has been incredibly compelling. You know my feeling about Fringe. I felt that for 30-31 episodes (which is astounding!), almost every episode was fantastic (Jacksonville to The Day We Died). But this was something different. My heart and head raced almost every episode. It was just so, so great.

    Can't wait for S3. A lot to live up to!

  3. Marisa Roffman on December 17th, 2012 11:39 am

    @JaniceLG: I feel like it’s possible Estes had it last, and since there seemed to be a few hints that maybe he was the mole…if THAT was the case, who freaking knows? And yes, I’m SO excited to see what comes next!