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HART OF DIXIE: Leila Gerstein Teases a Bluebell Wedding, Romances, and More

January 15, 2013 by  

HART OF DIXIE is back with brand new episodes tonight, and a whole lot of things will be going down in the next few weeks.

I spoke with HART OF DIXIE showrunner Leila Gerstein about the upcoming rival town, a “very Bluebell-y” wedding, the status of Zoe/Wade, George/Tansy, and Lemon/Lavon, and more…

We’re almost at the midpoint of the season —
Leila Gerstein: You are at the midpoint, I’m not!

That’s true! Where are you in writing the show?
LG: We are on 19.

So you’re pretty far ahead of us. From what’s aired, what do you feel has worked best this season?
LG: I think Zoe and Wade. I would highlight Zoe and Wade. I think they have an amazing chemistry, they’re so fun together. I think the fans are all really responding to them. I think we were really surprised how easy it was to write the two of them together; how much fun it was.

I feel we’ve had a lot of success in the evolution of Lemon. I’m hearing from a lot of people about how much they love Lemon Breeland this year, which is definitely a goal of ours. And I think seeing her struggle and find herself has helped redefine and shape that character. Given her a lot more vulnerability, and we’re having a lot of fun with her as well this year.

Was there anything this season that you were hoping had popped better?
LG: [Joking] No, we’re geniuses, everything we’ve done has been 100% successful.

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with this season this year. I’m pretty proud of it…We’re having a lot more fun. It’s certainly a lighter show this season. I think, mainly, because our protagonist is happy. And so we’ve done a lot more with our supporting cast as well whom we’ve fallen in love with. And they’re funny. And we’ve made more of a character of Bluebell. I always wanted to last year. So there’s a lot more story.

Looking to tonight’s episoe, there’s a tease that Lavon’s heartbreak is causing some trouble with his work. What can you say about that?
LG: In the break, he maybe didn’t do his job as well. He’s just a little behind on the planning on Pioneer Days. But I wouldn’t say that’s a character thing — he’s recovering from a broken heart. He’s still doing his mayoral job…Lavon is back to mayor, Ruby Jeffries is gone, and I think he’s going to recover pretty quickly from Ruby Jeffries. And I will say Lavon has a new love on the horizon.

Is it a familiar face?
LG: It is a familiar face.

That does narrow down the window considerably.
LG: Yes!

Can you tease who it is, or are you keeping it a secret for now?
LG: Keeping it a secret for now.

Okay, well, possibly related to that, Lavon ended 2012 really angry with Lemon. How is that relationship going to evolve, since her feelings have emerged again and he appears to be oblivious to that fact?
LG: Yes, he will find out the truth about Lemon. I wouldn’t want to keep him in the dark for too long. So he does find out the truth.

We’re also introducing a rival town and a rival mayor later this season that I think we’re going to get a lot of fun from. We’re really excited about. Fillmore is the town.

Are we going to see rival sports teams, events, and stuff like that?
LG: Yeah, we’re going to have a specific personal rivalry between Lavon and the mayor of Fillmore. And in episode 13, as a an example, Fillmore has launched their own commercial — they’re trying to steal the strawberry festival tourists away from Bluebell to Fillmore. So Bluebell decides to make a rival commercial…It’s going to be fun.

Sounds like it. And there’s a wedding coming up, too, yes?
LG: Yes! We have the world’s greatest — I don’t want to oversell it, but it’s the world’s greatest wedding.

Will this be a wedding that sticks?
LG: Yep.

Is this a duo fans are rooting for? Or are they going to be surprised by the couple who is getting married?
LG: I think people will be swept away. There’s a proposal and a wedding. It’s really romantic.

How elaborate does this wedding get?
LG: It’s a unique wedding.

Is it a very Bluebell-y wedding?
LG: It’s very Bluebell-y.

So let’s talk about a few of the couples: with Zoe and Wade now official, will we see a change in dynamic? Or will they be the same, banter-y duo they’ve always been?
LG: I think the answer is both: they’re going to be the same couple they’ve always been, but they’re out in the open now, and they will have an extra amount of lovingness they didn’t have before. And I think the stakes are higher, and it’s a real relationship. And that will impact them.

Does that mean the triangle with George is over now?
LG: I think that triangle will always exist. I’m still hearing from people that think she should be with George. The door is not permanently closed on George Tucker.

Speaking of George and his romantic life, how is the George and Tansy relationship going?
LG: I think George is really finding some levity in this relationship with Tansy. It’s bringing out a new side of him and things are going…things will be going for a little while. His parents will show up in episode 12, and as you can imagine, they will not be thrilled with Tansy.

And I’m guessing they won’t be thrilled by the changes she’s inspired in him.
LG: Exactly. He lives on a boat now.

He breaks into things and needs stitches for her.
LG: Exactly!

Anything else you can tease about the show’s return?
LG: It’s really amazing and everyone should watch it on Tuesdays!

HART OF DIXIE airs Tuesdays at 8 PM  on The CW. Will you be tuning in?

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  1. Kath (@canakatydid) on January 15th, 2013 7:18 pm

    Everything in me wants it to be Tom and Wanda’s wedding but since they are already engaged (a proposal that I am still mad that we did not get to see!) I doubt that’s who she was referring to. Can’t wait for the rest of the season and are inevitable move to Bluebell! 😉