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REVOLUTION at PaleyFest 2013: Eric Kripke on Why They’re Answering One of the Show’s Biggest Questions

March 3, 2013 by  

REVOLUTION may have been off the air for months, but during Saturday night’s PaleyFest panel honoring the series, creator Eric Kripke dropped a pretty massive tease about what fans can expect in the second half of the season. (Spoilers ahead, in case you’re wary of those things…)

“We reveal why the power went out and we do it early,” Kripke teased. “I don’t know a genre show that’s given up their big mystery that soon.”

Kripke hinted that the show’s very big answer would come around episode 13 (the series returns with its eleventh hour on March 25th), and said that revealing that central mystery would allow for other things to be explored.

“You don’t want to end the sentence,” he noted. “That [reveal] leads to bigger and scarier questions.”

And if you’re shocked the NBC series is tipping their hand so soon, Kripke noted fans owe their thanks to REVOLUTION co-executive producer Jon Favreau: with Charlie and Danny’s mom, Rachel, now in the mix with our group, the writers were figuring out how to keep the characters from asking her about the truth about why the power went out…when Favreau came to visit and asked them an important question.

“Jon said, ‘Is there any reason she wouldn’t say it?'” Kripke recalled. And when the writers couldn’t come up with a good answer, they opted to have her reveal the truth to the group rather than place unrealistic obstacles in her way to keep that knowledge a secret.

But just because the audience will soon know why the power went out — and Monroe has the ability to turn on some power in a limited radius — that doesn’t mean the series is gearing up to turn back on the power worldwide.

“Maybe at the very, very end [of the series,]” Kripke said. “What’s the show [if the power is on]?”

REVOLUTION returns Monday, March 25th at 10 PM on NBC.

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One Response to “REVOLUTION at PaleyFest 2013: Eric Kripke on Why They’re Answering One of the Show’s Biggest Questions”

  1. TVang on March 4th, 2013 3:07 pm

    Normally I would agree that it’s odd for a show to reveal the biggest plot point so quickly, but considering the show has been on hiatus for so long, I don’t think it could hurt. If anything, explaining why the power went out may attract new viewers. I’m really excited for the show’s return, but I will probably be working late at DISH the Monday night that it returns. Even though I won’t be home to watch Revolution; I’ll be able to watch it during my break on my iPad, thanks to the new DISH Anywhere app. When I have the app open, I can stream live TV or my DVR’s content wherever I go with wi-fi access.