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ARROW: Colin Donnell Teases Tommy’s Tension with Oliver, Absence for Laurel, and More

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After a long (painful) mini-hiatus, ARROW returns with a brand new episode Wednesday night. And while viewers might be delighted to have the series back, things aren’t looking so hot for Oliver: he was forced to reveal to his best friend, Tommy, that he was The Hood, and now that friendship is floundering.

And it seems like things won’t be improving any time soon.

I spoke with ARROW star Colin Donnell (Tommy) about the multi-layered betrayal, how that impacts Tommy’s relationship with the people around him, and more…

What was your reaction to Tommy finding out Oliver’s true identity?
Colin Donnell: I think Stephen [Amell (Oliver)] actually told me first. He had gotten ahold of the script a bit earlier than I did, and I think he texted me. I think he actually texted me “Holy shitballs.” [Laughs] Part of the fun is always getting a script, and opening it up, and seeing what surprises those guys have for us in the next week of shooting. And that certainly was a big one. I was like, “Wow, man. They’re pulling out all the stops real quick.” It’s awesome.

Now that three characters do know Oliver’s secret, as actors, are you looking around wondering if all of your characters are long for this world?
CD: [Laughs] I don’t know what they have planned. Those types of discussions aren’t had between us on set, but it is a big thing, right? Especially when two of the characters respond in not necessarily a totally supportive way, but they see the good in what’s going on. And my reaction is a bit different. Tommy’s reaction is a bit different. He doesn’t necessarily see the good side of sticking arrows in people’s chest.

Fair. On that note, what can you tease about this week’s episode, as Tommy’s dealing with that fallout?
CD: In this week’s episode, you’re going to see the immediate strain that’s been put on the relationship. And it’s there from the get-go. It’s going to take an immediately personal turn, as well, because of the Huntress and the way — I think, in the preview for this week’s episode, everybody saw my head on a table, being held down on a table, by Jess De Gouw (The Huntress). We’re picking up in a very strong way, after episode 16. And you do see the shifted relationships straight away.

Since Tommy and Oliver are business partners and their club is opening, will Tommy be making any barely-veiled barbs that he shouldn’t really be saying in public? Because that wound is still pretty fresh..
CD: That’s always a danger, right? He very much holds a big card in his deck. The club is something different now; it always was something different, obviously, but…Tommy is going to find out very quickly what’s hiding underneath this club that he’s built. And he might not be too happy about that. [Laughs]

I feel like that’s potentially the understatement of, at least, the month. “Might not be too happy” feels like a massive simplification of how Tommy will feel when he finds out the truth.
CD: [Laughs] Well, you know, yes, you’re right. Because of what this club has meant to Tommy over this past…really the entire season, it’s been the one thing he’s really holding tight to, to prove himself as a man, prove himself capable of being a responsible adult. All of those things have contributed to him being able to be with Laurel. And it’s crashing around his head pretty quickly.

Speaking of Laurel, what does this new knowledge do to their relationship? Does Tommy get extra protective since he knows what danger Oliver can bring to Laurel?
CD: Yeah, there’s that aspect to it. Just the fact that he knows this now and is so consumed with what all of that means, means he’s not necessarily there for Laurel when she has a little bit of her own stuff going on. [Laughs] Just a little bit. Obviously, Tommy, his initial reaction to finding out that Laurel was involved with the vigilante in the first place didn’t go over well. And now, knowing that it’s his best friend that’s doing these things, it calls that into even more question. So it’s difficult.

You mentioned he’s not really there for Laurel — safe to assume he’s not there for at least the initial fallout of her mama drama/her sister perhaps being alive?
CD: [Laughs] Mama drama, I like that. No, it’s really something she, unfortunately, has to deal with on her own, without his support. He’s there a bit for her, but certainly not in the way I think everybody would hope he would be.

And where does this leave Tommy’s relationship with his father?
CD: There’s stuff coming up. He has his dad back, which is great. I think Malcolm is going to become a person he can lean on.

ARROW returns Wednesday, March 20th at 8 PM on The CW.

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