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BONES Recap: ‘The Doom in the Gloom’

March 19, 2013 by  

Hello BONES fans!  We survived another hiatus, albeit a short one, but still. How did you like this episode, “The Doom in the Gloom”? It had a Triple D attack: Doomsday, Drugs and… Daisy. I have to say it’s not one of my favorites of the season, but there is still a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it.


The Scene of the Crime: The episode begins with a woman waking up in a rundown trailer of sorts. She has a wound on the back of her neck, and she pulls out a gun before walking to a door. But when she opens it, she’s flung backward in a massive explosion. When B&B and Hodgins and Cam arrive to the scene to examine the remains, they find many explosives as well as her skeleton. Eventually they find her skull in a toilet — which is a pretty good indicator of the tone of the episode. At least it wasn’t called “The Head in the Head.”

The Victim: Deanna Barbieri, a former Marine in her mid 30s who was living off the grid. Booth and Sweets talk to her former friend, Carlene, and find out that Deanna was involved with some Doomsday Preppers, led by a Dr. Fred Dumaski.

The Case Progression: Deanna’s medical reports from the VA don’t match up 100% with the historical markings on her skeleton, including syphilis and a rare femur break caused by a cannonball, likely one Deanna created on her own. Hodgins is able to recreate the cannonball composition and successfully performs the experiment in the lab.

As Brennan and the Jeffersonian team examine Deanna’s remains for cause of death beyond the explosion and resulting decapitation, Booth and Sweets investigate into the world of the Doomsday Preppers. Booth takes a SWAT team (which rhymes with hot team, because Booth y’all!) with him to fish out a possible underground bunker. It’s successful, and Dr. Dumaski and several others, including his wife Delores, leave the bunker.

Sweets and Booth question Dumaski at the FBI building and notice a bad bruise on his arm. He tells them that they self-treated Deanna’s cannonball wound, to prove to the group they could be self-sufficient. He also admits he gave himself a shot for venereal disease and confesses candidly that he and Deanna were having an affair — and that his wife understood…after all, it was a new world they were living in. Booth reminds “Dr. Apocalypse” that it’s still very much the current old world.

Angela recreates the Preppers’ bunker, and she and Hodgins try to figure out how a killer could have escaped it in time to kill Deanna and get back to the bunker. It seems impossible until Booth figures that maybe Deanna’s place was booby-trapped. Hodgins attempts to recreate that and is also successful.

Booth questions Milo Mills, a member of the Doomsday group known for his mechanical skills. He admits that he could have created the booby trap but that Delores Dumaski is the better suspect — after all, he didn’t do it. Milo was a very fun, quirky suspect and that scene with Booth was probably my favorite in the episode.

The Verdict: Booth and Brennan question Delores, and Brennan lights her fingernails on fire, able to pull residue that links Delores to the crime of setting the trap. She states she didn’t want Deanna around for the “new world.”


A major B-plot of the episode involved Sweets finally finding an apartment of his own, thereby moving out of Booth and Brennan’s home. B&B were skeptical that he would actually make the move, and it was sweet the way they both were concerned for his well-being. I really don’t need Daisy making any “concerned for Sweets’ well-being” comments at the lab, so hopefully that never happens again!

The lab scenes mostly focused on Hodgins and his experiments, from the cannonball to the recreated booby-trap of goop. I did like how he and Angela had a little friendly competition to corroborate their findings. And it was nice when Angela was able to present Carlene with the letter from Deanna.


The Booth and Brennan scenes in this episode had me fluctuating from major enjoyment to annoyance. There were a couple of looks between them, especially at the diner when the Sweets approached, that just were awesome — so much said with no words, you know? At the same time, the very end of the end scene left me a little disappointed. I don’t think B&B need to kiss or more in every episode, but the plot was RIGHT THERE about Booth’s general hotness, and well…some scenes just write themselves! The whole thing with Sweets’ new apartment mates calling B&B “Mr. and Mrs. Sweets” was strange but not completely unfunny. They are only like 10 years older than him!

I liked the Booth and Sweets scenes in the episode. Brennan and Daisy is always a meh for me, so I think that also soured me a bit on the episode. Although, I did like the moment where Brennan admitted that Sweets is the one person she, Booth and Christine all like equally, mainly because I’d like to think Booth doesn’t like Angela as much as I don’t like her. And Max probably, haha.

It did make me laugh/go crazy that Booth had a scene in the lab and Brennan wasn’t even around. It’s like the writers see all of the “GET BOOTH BACK IN THE LAB” complaints and are like “Happy now? No? Oh…you should have been more specific.” Not that the Booth and Hodgins scene wasn’t good, because it was very fun, but still…Brennan could have cleaned Booth up a bit.

Okay, enough from me. What are your thoughts on this episode? Is Sweets gone from the hut for good? Did you like this case? And which of Hodgins’ experiments in the lab was your favorite? The comments are open — speak your mind!

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10 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Doom in the Gloom’”

  1. Jo on March 19th, 2013 3:48 am

    I agree with you Sarah; Bones is my favorite show. Mainly B&B’s special connection and how it’s portrayed thanks to Emily and David. The eye to eye contact was so enjoyable to watch and expressed so many emotions. I look forward to the end scene of each episode with B&B sharing their special bond in such fun & tender ways. This season there is a disconnect between them. No more eye to eye contact, very little eye contact. They act more like brother and sister. I haven’t seen Booth quide Brennan with his hand at the small of her back all year. I was so glad to see Sweet’s move out of the Mighty Hut finally and for sure Booth would sit by Brennan & kiss her or at least throw his arm over her shoulder and say something romantic. Oh no he sits at the end of the couch and scene out while they are talking about I don’t remember and I’m watching with my mouth droping to the floor and saying why not NOW.

    HH & SN made us wait 6 long seasons to get them together now they write them like they are brother & sister. They are going to lose many fans with this kind of writing. I’m upset they are ruining a great show.

  2. DebsC on March 19th, 2013 5:01 am

    I really enjoyed it but then I love the whole team acting like one big family. Daisy’s speech is something I’ve been wanting to say for weeks and it made me LOL!!!! I think sometimes we forget that Booth and Brennan have been together for two years now so I didn’t expect Booth to pounce on her within seconds of Sweets walking out of the door. I personally think its clever that despite two seasons of coupledom the writers apparently leave some fans gagging for more. People are entitled to be upset with things they don’t like but I wish they wouldn’t include me in their complaints. I for one am loving this season 🙂

  3. Gina on March 19th, 2013 8:35 am

    I agree with most of what you said!

    I love that B&B have been together for almost two years, but a little reminder now and then wouldn’t kill anyone. I don’t need to see them in bed or pouncing on each other. But a kiss here or a touch there, would be nice. Especially when a scene leaves the door open for one.

    The lack of actual B&B bothered me as well. I miss them actually being partners. I loved Booth/Hodgins. I just wish B&B can act more like partners again.

    This was seriously one of the most least enjoyable episodes they’ve ever done. The whole Sweets moving out was so over the top and just plain ridiculous. It made both Booth and Brennan look like idiots. They acted like he was dying or something. You work with him, you will see him again.

    All in all, I love this show. There have been some issues, but I’ve generally enjoyed this season. This will just be one of those episodes I pretend didn’t happen. 😉

  4. Lisa on March 19th, 2013 8:35 am

    The whole Daisy reassures Sweets that she understands why he was staying so long with Booth and Brennan couldn’t have come across more heavy handed if they tried. Of course him getting his bearings and getting over the difficult break-up was the idea, and if we’d actually seen Sweets looking sad or reflecting on what he needed to do with his life I could have bought that reasoning. However, since HH himself said the reason they were going to keep him with B&B was because they’re were so many funny scenes they could play from the situation-I wasn’t buying it. Too bad, because seeing Sweets coming to terms with his break-up was something I would have been interested in seeing. Completely agreed with Booth that they needed to push Sweets out of the nest. They were no longer doing him a favor by coddling him.

    I loved Hodgins and his crazy experiments. Booth leading the SWAT team was also great-although why Booth doesn’t need protective helmet like everybody else is anybody’s guess. The “Booth you hate the lab” also a smack down to fans who have been vocal about his lack of time spent there. That fell flat for me since this season more so than the last few, Booth has been in the lab. Of course, since Booth ended up with slime all over his face, now he has a reason to be absent from there again.

    Three’s Company reference at the end with Janet & Chrissy as Sweets roommates. “Nice to meet you Mr & Mrs Sweet.” “You’re dad is hot.” Wow! while cute, Booth & Brennan don’t look old enough to be Sweets parents. Wonder what he told the girls.

    I liked the episode, but for the end, would have preferred Booth to say something like now that Sweets is gone they can make out on the couch without him walking in on them-then make a move on Brennan. Feel like that was a missed opportunity. Focusing on the doomsday stuff just seemed stupid coming from Booth since he was so dismissive of it during the entire episode.

  5. Mire on March 19th, 2013 8:37 am

    The only parts that I like from the episode were Bones and Booth ALONE in the dinner/interrogation room (30 seconds and 45 seconds), Hodgins in general and H/Booth experiment and Sweets finally moving out.

    The episode was so boring, and why are B/B less and less on screen together?, we have in a 45 minutes episodes long and 4 minutes of B/B together (counting the Sweets parts). The ending were the parts that I enjoy the most in the past seasons, but now are all the same…B/B couch/kichen, eating/drinking, and sitting far away posible….This season start so good, and became so bad (a few exceptions there and there).

    Next week for the promo look good, lets hope the episode dont let me down AGAIN!

  6. Gina on March 19th, 2013 8:38 am

    Also very annoyed that it seems Sweets and his breakup get brought up all season long and Brennan being shot is just pushed under a rug like it never happened.

  7. Mire on March 19th, 2013 9:02 am

    Gina, Brennan was shot?, when?…LOL….I love Bones, but this season was NOT what I was expecting, too much focus in Sweets, and sadly Sweets is new Booth partner :(…..yesterday we see only 5 MINUTES of B/B ridiculous

  8. Travis on March 19th, 2013 9:38 am

    The case this week was interesting, but also felt somewhat unoriginal compared to other cases this season. Personally, I thought Sweets’ storyline was far more interesting and I’m glad to see he is moving on with his life. I just got the chance to watch last night’s episode a few minutes ago as I commute in to my job at DISH. I had to work last night so I wasn’t home to watch it live, but I can always catch up with my favorite shows on my iPad because I have the DISH Anywhere app. It can stream anything from my DVR, or live TV broadcasts, anywhere I go with access to the internet.

  9. atlanta on March 19th, 2013 12:16 pm

    I am seriously concerned as to when Sweets became Booth’s field partner, why? Wasnt this the premise of the show, she gets out into the field so she can live her life wide? I am truly astounded on how poorly that lab is run, the lab director meekly closes the door when she sees her FBI liason was slime’d by one of her employees? Really, seriously, also missing the connection between B & B, am not ready for them to become bff’s just yet.

  10. FF on March 19th, 2013 2:46 pm

    “Also very annoyed that it seems Sweets and his breakup get brought up all season long and Brennan being shot is just pushed under a rug like it never happened.”

    Agreed. And speaking of plot lines being pushed aside like they never happened, Angela sure is working at the Jeffersonian a lot considering she is supposed to be spending most of her days at museums staring at paintings and nurturing her inner Picasso. Now she’s even outsmarting Hodgins before he can save the day with his experiments. When did that ever happen?

    I found it a odd that Brennan be upset to the point of tears about Sweets moving out. Have we seen a bond naturally grow from Brennan and Sweets from his time in their house? I don’t remember that occurring. There have been few scenes of Sweets and Booth and Brennan in the house all together. So this seems like yet another thing that the audience has to assume happened off screen because the writers are telling us that it happened, not actually showing it.

    And speaking of not showing it, can we talk about the weirdness with the Booth and Brennan scenes lately? I’m not a crazy fangirl who needs to see declarations or love or affection or what have you, but when I’m sensing more genuine warmth and affection between Hodgins and the cannon from the Civil War exhibit than I am between Booth and Brennan, there’s a problem. I felt a sense of the old B&B when they were in the diner and giving each other knowing glances while Sweets was there, but that last scene was like watching the air slowly leak out of a balloon. So much potential to have a nice scene with B&B and it just wasted away.