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SUBURGATORY: Jeremy Sisto Previews Trouble for George and Dallas

March 20, 2013 by  

SUBURGATORY’s George and Dallas have had a ton of differences in how they conduct themselves from the start of their friendship — which has only been magnified since they became a couple — and it turns out, gift-giving can lead to a whole lot of problems.

“George and Dallas have a lot of hurdles to get over in their relationship, and one is not understanding what the other would like for gifts,” SUBURGATORY star Jeremy Sisto (George) previewed of tonight’s brand new episode. “And she gets me something that is absurdly not me, and my daughter gets me something that is extremely personal and goes back to when I was with Tessa’s mother. And Dallas, her insecurities continue that she’ll never have my love the same way that Tessa’s mom did. So it’s a pretty funny episode, but it actually gets to the heart of the difficulty of these early relationships.”

And, unfortunately, things aren’t going to get any easier for the couple.

“There’s a pretty good cliffhanger [at the end of the season],” Sisto teased. “It’s a serious relationship, but the feeling aren’t the same. George has never been in a relationship with someone who sees the world like this…there’s something a little more distant in the feeling of his love for her — it’s not quite as passionate. So her insecurities about that are probably true, but that said, he’s still committed to her and jumps through all the hoops. It’s an ongoing thing. A lot of the bizarre storylines are about the trials and tribulations of any relationship — especially any relationship between two vastly different kinds of people. But in the end, it ends up falling apart. I won’t say how it falls apart, but it’s a tough ending for the relationship.”

Whether the George and Dallas relationship stays fractured for long, Dallas’ daughter, Dalia, will have her own issues saying goodbye to her “Daddy Altman.”

“There’s a sweet moment at the end for Dalia and George…where she’s basically been abandoned by her father; her father comes back for a minute,” Sisto noted. “It’s been an interesting season for Dalia, because you really see how…obviously there’s a vacancy there that’s really funny, but if you think about it, it’s sad. And her lack of an identity…is something that gets picked apart this season. So there’s a sweet moment where Dalia really acknowledges that George is the loving dad she never had and even though the relationship between Dallas and George is crumbling, she wants to hang on to whatever relationship she has with George. Which is funny to George, because he hasn’t had any overly impactful moments with her, but apparently compared to her real father, they have.”

Are you hoping George and Dallas are able to pull through their hardships? Or do you think they need some time apart?

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