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THE FOLLOWING: Nico Tortorella on Jacob’s First Kill, Revenge, and the ‘Grand As You Can Possibly Get’ Finale

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THE FOLLOWING’s one “innocent” cult member took a dark turn in last week’s episode: with Paul’s life coming to an end, he convinced his “fake” boyfriend, Jacob, to put him out of his misery. And as such, Jacob’s first kill was completed…just in time for the newbie, Roderick, to bring him back to Joe and the rest of the followers.

So where does Jacob go from here? I spoke with THE FOLLOWING star Nico Tortorella (Jacob) about the return to Joe, being “the heart of the whole storyline,” the crazy finale, and more…

When we last spoke, you mentioned it would take a real necessity for Jacob to finally commit his first murder. What was your reaction when you found out Jacob was going to be the one to kill Paul?
Nico Tortorella: The scene was written so beautifully that it was completely unlike any other kill that’s happened on THE FOLLOWING: it’s a mercy kill, it’s basically love, not just being blood-thirsty. So I think it’s a beautiful way for Jacob to step into this world of actually killing somebody. I was super-stoked when I read the scene, because it was so pretty. Which sounds horrible to say, but it is.

Did you as an actor have any guilt given that you had worked so closely with Adan Canto (Paul) for nine episodes?
NT: I mean, kind of. But at the same point, when you’re working on a show like this, you have to have faith in [THE FOLLOWING creator] Kevin Williamson that it’s all about the drama. It’s not so much about each one of us specifically as a character or a person on the show, it’s about the whole thing, all encompassed. You kind of have to go with it. I felt bad about it, but at the same time, it’s all about the big picture.

What was it like to film that scene?
NT: It was probably my most intense work that I’ve done on the show. I was a wreck. I was a wreck for a couple days beforehand and a couple of days afterwards. Just emotionally, it took so much out of me.

Where does Jacob go from here?
NT: Emma left Paul and Jacob to fend for themselves in a dire situation and he recognizes that. At this point, he’s out for revenge. Whatever that means, he’s out to find his own place in this cult. He’s ready to become a follower to Joe Carroll in every sense.

Does he blame Emma for Paul’s death?
NT: Absolutely.

Will he make that clear to her?
NT: Yeah, he has his way of making it clear.

And what can you tease about his reunion with Joe?
NT: Joe’s his father-figure. He bows down to Joe. Joe fully accepts him and has remorse for the things Jacob has gone through, and completely accepts everything he’s done and it’s beautiful.

Looking ahead, will killing be easier for Jacob now?
NT: For sure. There’s blood on his hands now, so, it’s bound to be easier. Is he the craziest psycho killer on the show now because he killed Paul? No. But he’s definitely intrigued for more.

How about romance? Given what he’s gone through, it wouldn’t be surprising if that was off the table, but he did seem to love Emma…
NT: That’s on the backburner now. Of the people he’s been in love with for however many years — Paul and Emma — one’s dead and one stabbed him in the back, so…

A good reason to shut down, romantically speaking, for a while.
NT: For sure. Better reason than I’ve ever had! [Laughs]

And what can viewers expect now that Jacob has made his way to the cult’s homebase?
NT: There’s definitely some amazing work with James Purefoy (Joe) to come. And everyone else that’s in the mansion: Emma and Roderick. There’s more people to come.

What can you tease about his relationship with Roderick?
NT: Jacob and Roderick have never met each other before, so when that happens, Jacob realizes Roderick is ahead of him in command and he recognizes that. But at the same time, it’s two men that follow Joe, so there’s bound to be some tension.

Will we be seeing more of Jacob’s actual family going forward?
NT: There’s bits and pieces.

Given what a presence flashbacks have played on the show, was there one in particular that you felt really guided how you play this character?
NT: I mean, not particularly. I feel like all of the flashbacks that have already been presented have shaped Jacob. Of what’s to come…I guess there’s one thing to come that definitely defined him as a character, which I can’t really say. I feel Jacob, in terms of flashbacks, lives in the moment more than anyone else. He doesn’t define things based on what’s happened, it’s more about what he has on his plate.

Is there a particular episode coming up you’re most excited for people to see?
NT: Yeah, that next one…the next episode, for sure. And the finale.

Can you tease anything about the finale?
NT: This show has been intense every single week, but at the same time, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Earlier in the season — when you guys were still in the middle of filming — James mentioned that he was the only cast member who knew how big Joe’s plan was. Now that you’ve finished filming season 1, do you have a sense of it?
NT: Yeah, I mean, it’s as grand as it can possibly get. Whatever that means. There’s a reason he’s been able to pull off all the stunts that he has. There is definitely a finale to the act.

With all that being said, is there anything Joe could do or reveal that would cause Jacob to turn his back on him?
NT: Jacob is such an emotional character that…Jacob doesn’t thrive off the blood the way that other characters do. He lives off of human relationships and characters. Joe is not that way. Neither is Emma or Roderick. Jacob is kind of the heart of the whole storyline and it comes to fruition.

THE FOLLOWING airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.

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