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BONES: David Boreanaz on Booth/Brennan’s Journey, Directing Again, Season 9 Guest Stars, and More

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Booth and Brennan are heading for a wedding on BONES!

But, unfortunately for them, there is a bit of a rough patch before then, including two figures from Booth’s past popping up again, going undercover, and, of course, the pesky business with Pelant.

To get a little bit of intel on what’s going to be coming up on BONES in season 9, I spoke with BONES star David Boreanaz (Booth) about that and more…

How is to be back filming season 9?
David Boreanaz: There are so many things you have to dial in [for the premiere], and [director] Ian [Toynton] does a great job of dialing things in. It’s a lot to take on and manipulate in the relationship. It’s quite different, because obviously [Brennan] doesn’t know why I’m doing it. She thinks I’m being a complete jerk. Everyone hates me. So it’s interesting when we arrive on crime scenes and we don’t have that fun banter. It’s a different color and I do like it.

And it makes it interesting timing since Booth and Brennan have to go undercover as Tony and Roxy early in the season.
DB: Next week [in filming]! I have to wrap my head around it. Figure out my velour! I know Emily [Deschanel (Brennan)] is doing a Jersey housewife thing, so we’ll see.

Did you rewatch the episode where they debuted, “The Woman in the Sand,” to prep for their return?
DB: No, I didn’t, because that was a while ago. I need to tap into him in a different way. A little bit different.

That makes sense. You guys always seem to have fun undercover, so it’s great it can be brought in so early in the season.
DB: I love it. It’s such a misfit show, it’s so great. It’s got so many different elements to it. You really look at the longevity of it, and how precious the characters have been to each other and how emotional they’ve been, and the journey they’ve taken, where they end up, and how they end up. Consistently changing the format with different things in their lives and how they’re going to deal with things, and I think that’s what kept us alive. We solve the crime, usually more so than not. But it’s nice to see them when they don’t get it right. And in the first episode we kind of see that, which is fun to see, too.

Given how long Pelant has been around, do you personally like that he’s still around? Or would you prefer for them to get rid of him sooner versus later?
DB: I like it. I think it will be a quick turnaround [of him no longer being a threat]. I don’t know when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to affect the outcome of them getting married. I don’t know when that’s going to happen, it’s a date yet to be announced.

Speaking of the wedding, what can you say about these two characters finally reaching this place in their relationship?
DB: It’s a great milestone. You saw these two characters in the pilot, how much they hated each other, how much they loved each other, how they can relate to each other with other couples when they go [in an upcoming episode] to a retreat undercover. It’s pretty funny dialogue we have in the next episode. It’s ironic, and also kind of horrible for their lives in where they are [to be there]. It makes sense. Just the way [Emily] got pregnant in real-life [so then Brennan was made pregnant], it was meant to be that way.

Since Booth was firm in making Brennan propose to him last time — only for him to turn around and break the engagement due to Pelant’s meddling — does that mean he’ll be the one proposing this time around?
DB: I don’t know, we’ll see. Maybe!

It only seems fair…
DB: Before you know it, we’ll be saying, who is still saying what and where?

Or they could just get Christine to do it, since she’s getting so big.
DB: [Joking] That’ll be the next thing!

There are some great guest stars coming up this season…
DB: I got Freddie [Prinze Jr.], I got Mather [Zickel], and in the episode we’re starting, we have the guy who plays [Cliff] from CHEERS (John Ratzenberger). We’ve always had great guest stars on this show; I’m proud of that. It’s awesome.

Both Freddie and Mather’s characters have been teased to have deep connections with Booth, including one of them knowing Booth better than even Brennan does. What can you share about those relationships?
DB: The priest does. At one point, I confide in him that this Pelant guy is so bad he’s worse than anyone either one of us has come across, and there’s a history between the two of us. So we’ll see how that arc unfolds. And we have Freddie in the CIA, with that character he plays. They’re just very different mouths on different horses. We probably have a history and we’ll see how that develops.

In terms of behind-the-scenes stuff, can we expect you to direct again this season?
DB: I’ll do one in the front and one in the back.

Do you know anything about the first episode you’ll be directing?
DB: Nope!

Had to try. After getting to direct so many times, do you find you have it down at this point, or is it still more of a fun challenge?
DB: Oh, God, yes. It’s a mental state, it’s a mindset you have to go into, you have to really be on top of everything. You really have to be overly prepared in the preparation process. I like it. It’s fun. It’s a challenge.

Since you’re just starting season 9, is there anything you haven’t had the chance to do with Booth yet that you’re really hoping to do this season?
DB: There’s a lot with him I haven’t done yet. I don’t like to foresee or forecast what I’m going to do; I like to keep it close to my belt. But lots of surprises.

BONES returns Monday, September 16th at 8 PM on Fox.


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  1. skybridge on August 3rd, 2013 12:45 pm

    Interesting stuff,moredirecting and more Booth related storylines. Myperfect season.

  2. Roberta on August 6th, 2013 7:18 pm

    So glad that they are finally getting married.

  3. Lou on August 6th, 2013 7:33 pm

    I thought they were already married. So they were just a “couple” when they had their baby girl.

  4. Mary Walker on August 7th, 2013 2:57 pm

    Can’t wait for the new season. My favorite shoe on TV. Will daisy be back

  5. Jo on August 10th, 2013 3:13 pm

    My number one show of all time. I’m looking forward to this season. I waited a long time for B&B to get together now to think they are close to their wedding is the cream on top.