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BONES: Stephen Nathan and Jonathan Collier on the Return of Pelant, Booth and Brennan as a Couple Post-Wedding, and More

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BONES is starting a stretch of very big episodes in the coming weeks (there’s also this little wedding that is coming up…?), so how about a few teases about what’s to come?

On the return of Pelant: BONES fans know that Pelant will have to be dealt with in some capacity before Booth and Brennan can tie the knot, and considering he will be back in tonight’s brand new episode…well, let’s just say things are happening.

“They will be dealing with Pelant in a way we have never seen them deal with him before, which will raise the stakes in a way we never have with any other serial killer on the show,” BONES executive producer Stephen Nathan teased to me. “We will be moving on with another serial killer, and it will not be completely unrelated to Pelant.”

On the Angela/Booth tension: Some fans have been unhappy that Angela has been giving Booth a hard time this season for the pain he has caused Brennan, but with the Pelant arc coming to a close, the truth about why Booth broke of his engagement with Brennan is bound to come out ASAP. That being said, Nathan understands a bit why fans are a little peeved with Angela, but noted she came at it with the best intentions.

“I think they should just enjoy seeing a great friendship unfold,” Nathan said. “Because friends sometimes make very big mistakes…Angela, she and Booth will not always be acrimonious. But it’ll take a while to get over [what went down]. That’s what happens.”

On what a wedding means for Booth and Brennan: A happy couple on television rarely stays happy for long, but even though Booth and Brennan are headed for wedded bliss, things won’t get too rough for them.

“We’re not going to have them get married and suddenly we get them in a situation where, oh my God, they might break up,” Nathan assured. “It’s not A) that kind of show, and B) that’s not who those characters are. They’ve come a long way. But the cases and the situations they’ll be in, we want to try and test them more this year, because that’s a reason to see their marriage. How close they are, how they contend with that as a couple.”

“It’s all borne out of the honeymoon episode, for instance,” BONES executive producer Jonathan Collier noted. “We’re trying to do a honeymoon episode that no other show can do. I can safely say that no other show has shot our honeymoon episode…It’s unique to our characters, and unique to our world.”

“Love it or hate it, it’s a BONES honeymoon,” Nathan continued. “And it was written by Dave Thomas, so you can expect something a little bit off and unique.”

On Cam’s unresolved identity theft issue: The early season 9 storyline of Cam’s stolen ID was left unusually open-ended, and given Pelant’s experience with screwing with the Jeffersonian members (not to mention their money), I had to ask Nathan if what happened to Cam was part of a more nefarious plot to cause some sort of larger damage.

“It doesn’t seem so at this time…what we’re planning turns in a way we didn’t really see coming initially,” he teased. “I know that’s very vague, but that’s all you’re going to get.”

(I’m open to any/all theories…)

On Hodgins’ stolen money and potential season 9 storyline: Last season, Hodgins was dealt a massive blow when Pelant gave him the option of saving his money or saving innocent people. Naturally, he saved the people, but the loss of all of his money won’t be glossed over this season.

“I think we’ll find out what money means to people this year,” Nathan noted.

Additionally, Hodgins’ long-teased family might finally pop up this season.

“There is a storyline where Hodgins discovers a piece of his past that he didn’t know existed,” Nathan previews. But as for what that might look like, he was mum.

On the very, very gross thing coming up: Nathan is notoriously delighted about anything gross on the show, so when he tweeted last month that he completed a scene that even made him a little sick, I was absolutely intrigued.

“It is not a body, it is not a dead person, and it is something we have never seen on the show before,” Nathan teased of the thing that will appear in an episode penned by Kathy Reichs (who penned the books BONES was loosely based on). “It has nothing to do with a murder, and it is one of the most revolting things — and I say revolting in a loving and delightful way — that we have ever had on the show…you will not be disappointed. It’s fun in an ‘Oh my gosh, did you see that?’ kind of way.”

On what they’re excited about this season: After nine seasons, it could be understandable to get a little bit jaded about the job you’re doing, but both Collier and Nathan were delighted by what’s to come for fans.

“I don’t want to sound like a shill, but I was looking at the cases we have lined up, and they’re all exciting and different,” Collier noted.

“Selfishly, I’m just looking forward to seeing how different the show is going to be this year,” Nathan agreed. “It’s always different every year. Every year, it’s so dramatically different, I’m waiting to get bored. I’m not bored yet.”

BONES airs Mondays at 8 PM on Fox.


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