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With sports taking over Fox, half of my Sunday night television was MIA last night. But the good news is there were a whole lot of dramas to talk about…

ONCE UPON A TIME: The show did a couple of curious things last night. I do wonder when the show decided to make it so Mulan was interested in Aurora. For much of last season, it seemed like they were doing the unrequited love thing between Mulan and Phillip, so I’m curious when it was decided to go the other way. If the writers decide to explore it, awesome. But part of me also wonders if this is something they just dangled out there to deal with at some time in the future.

Also, Regina and Robin Hood, hm? That could be interesting. I’m really intrigued to see how the show plays with that, if only because we know Robin Hood had a son with a woman who was not Regina. Will he buy this “we were always destined to be together” bit, especially when he’ll know if she didn’t run away scared from the potential that he wouldn’t have his son? Or, it’s possible the show won’t start exploring those things.

HOMELAND: Recently, Danielle and I sat down to talk about HOMELAND, and I said I have no clue where the third season is going. Still don’t. I think I liked this episode the best of the season so far — Carrie and Brody’s parallels in their isolation/depression/frustration was beautifully, yet painfully done — but there’s a part of me that feels like I’m walking down a dark hallway in a brand new location with very little idea of what’s ahead of me. I think I like it. I don’t need to have everything spelled out. But this also almost feels like the bridge between seasons, filling in the gap between what goes on before the story takes place again. So we’ll see where the show goes from here.

THE WALKING DEAD: I was kind of…bored? I feel like that’s probably not the popular opinion for last night’s premiere, but I was a bit underwhelmed. Rick with the stranger (who ended up killing herself) was sad, but I found my mind wandering while watching last night’s premiere. Just me?

MASTERS OF SEX: I knew a little more than the basics of the Masters and Johnson study before I started watching MASTERS OF SEX, but admittedly, I know next to nothing about their lives outside of that and opted to not research it so I could let the show play out the way it would. So…I don’t know what to make of Masters’ wife getting pregnant, even though we’ve been told for the first few episodes (and she was just told by Virginia) that he’s unable to have kids. The TV-watching portion of my brain is immediately suspicious that something more nefarious is going on. (I’m guessing I’m wrong there.)

What did you watch last night?

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