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TV. TV. Lots of TV.

Let’s talk about a bit of what aired last night…

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SH.I.E.L.D.: Stop. With. The. Alien. Mentions. We get it. Something happened in New York. (In AVENGERS, in case you missed that movie. But I’d bet after them mentioning it EVERY FIVE MINUTES*, you probably did some Googling or asked someone a few episodes ago.) It’s absolutely relevant when talking about Coulson and what went on with him (and I am curious about that, but I also wonder if we’ll need to wait until Maria Hill returns to get answers there), but it doesn’t need to be brought up all the time. The show needs to be able to exist outside of AVENGERS.

That being said, last night’s episode was probably the best one of the series. It felt like things had settled down a bit, the case of the week was interesting. Here’s hoping they stay in the right direction.

*slight exaggeration.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: I love this show. Terry Crews’ Terry shrieking while shooting a gun apparently is enough to make me burst into laughter every time. I love how Holt is trying to nurture Terry, but the show isn’t rushing it/making it go too slow. And how great was it to see the team band together to beat The Vulture…teamwork pays off!

THE GOLDBERGS: I appreciated that they mixed up the show’s dynamics last night. So much of what had aired relied on the Beverly/Adam and Barry/Murray dynamic, so mixing it up by having the kids and adults have fairly separate storylines was nice,  especially since it did nothing to detract from the show — good ensembles can let you mix and match the people in it and you don’t miss a beat. It was nice to really see the show can pull that off.

THE VOICE: I saw a bunch of complaints about THE VOICE doing a recap show last week when so many blind auditions for people who made it through were barely a blip on the radar, and I agree with that. Equally as frustrating to have multiple battle rounds get about 15 seconds of air time. Would NBC really not kill to have another 30 minutes or an hour of THE VOICE on their schedule? Come on.

SUPERNATURAL: Well, have Zeke hanging around inside of Sam has already proved to be helpful! There’s a bit of sadness watching this season — not because it isn’t great, but because you know this bomb is there, just waiting to go off. And how delicious was Crowley manipulating Kevin? Dean’s speech at the end to Kevin reminding him that the two of them, plus Sam and Cas, they were “all we got” was heartbreakingly true. Here’s hoping they don’t get too beat up along the way. (But I’m sure they will.

PERSON OF INTEREST: Loved, loved, loved having so many familiar faces on the show (EPISODES’ Kathleen Rose Perkins, IN PLAIN SIGHT’s Paul Ben-Victor, and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210’s Daniel Cosgrove), but all the familiar faces did have one downside: seeing Cosgrove just be a brief photo flash made it relatively clear (at least to me) that he wasn’t dead/there was a big twist coming. I did love that Reese kind of let nature take its course at the end.

What did you watch last night?

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