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The good thing about the World Series when you don’t have a vested interest in either team? Television is significantly easier to tackle. So let’s talk about the scripted shows that aired last night…

ONCE UPON A TIME: Loved the episode. Loved it. Not only is Colin O’Donoghue genuinely charming as Hook, but it showcases what some of my problems with many of this season’s other flashbacks have been: it was all needed backstory. There’s only so much that can be told about the characters who have had 3 seasons of backstory — we don’t want/need to get to the place where we’re finding out how Jack got his tattoos. (That’s a LOST reference.) Learning about how Hook got to be a pirate and witnessing his first time in Neverland was vital. And that made it extra enjoyable.

So…what is Charming going to do now? I’m sure there will be a loophole to get him free of his bind to Neverland, but I wonder what the cost will be. And do you think Hook will actually spill that Neal is alive?

HOMELAND: I’m glad it seems the Leo storyline is done, and I don’t mind seeing what impact it has on Dana going forward. I don’t know how Jessica and Carrie could realistically spend more time together, but that glimpse of their awkward relationship tonight left me wanting more.

I have no idea where the Carrie story is going, but I do find myself wondering about Brody. I know, logically, there’s a danger in using him too much, but I also think the series is missing something with him mostly MIA this season.

THE WALKING DEAD: Man, Carol’s gotten hardened. Can you imagine the Carol of season 2 doing everything she’s done thus far in season 4? I’m thrilled Rick realized very quickly she was the one who killed the two people and that Carol didn’t deny it, but it’ll be curious to see where they go from there — I don’t think Tyreese would understand her actions in the slightest.

I like Glenn. I do. And I know the show has had no qualms about killing off big characters in the past. But I feel like if they follow through and actually kill him off, it’ll be one of the ballsiest kills the series has ever done. And for that reason alone, I kind of hope he dies. (I feel terrible writing that.)

MASTERS OF SEX: I mean this in the nicest way, but last night’s episode made me want to throw up. Masters was clearly detached from the pregnancy, but when he had to deliver his stillborn daughter…Michael Sheen was so good. And then when Masters broke down — and begged Johnson to close her eyes so she wouldn’t see him crying — I had such a visceral reaction to his grief breaking through. This show…if you have Showtime and you haven’t been watching, do catch up.

I know people are gushing about THE GOOD WIFE. I haven’t seen it. (I’m seasons behind, to be honest.) Hopefully if you did watch it, it lived up to the hype for you.

Okay, enough from me — what did you watch last night?

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One Response to “About Last Night…ONCE UPON A TIME, HOMELAND, MASTERS OF SEX, and More”

  1. SueK on October 28th, 2013 11:16 am

    Regarding “Homeland”. I’m beginning to feel like Carrie in the loony bin; don’t know which way is up. Good riddance to Leo, but enough of Dana already. But would love more Quinn. He is really growing on me.