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Sunday TV was a little different last night due to the ALMOST HUMAN premiere, but let’s talk about what aired…

ALMOST HUMAN: I’m in. I’ve seen several different versions of the pilot at this point, so it was nice to finally see the finished product. The Crystal Method score felt appropriately moody, the effects looked great, the technology was fun, and how good was Michael Ealy (Dorian)? I know I touched on this in my pre-ep review, but man, he sold Dorian. Had he been tonally off, the whole show ran the risk of falling apart, but his balance felt fantastic. Dorian’s face when he walked into the precinct for the first time? Amazing.

I know there’s a theory out there that Kennex isn’t human, but I actually came out of the hour wondering if someone else might be another DRN (or another gen android?) model. Maldonado would make things really, really, really interesting, but she already seems to have a dangling character thread about not trusting anyone in her precinct. (Seriously, how did she get work done in the two years Kennex was gone if he’s the only one she really trusted with super-sensitive info? Eesh. What a hard life.)

Do you guys have any theories about the show so far?

ONCE UPON A TIME: I honestly can’t decide if I find the Pan twist to be brilliant or just needlessly convoluted. The show is so insanely incestuous at times, that it kind of would have been nice to just have this kid be an obnoxious brat. It’s also a situation where it’s questionable that Rumple never said ANYTHING to anyone. (Selfishly, I was also frustrated this was our second Rumple flashback of the season. It was absolutely needed, but the first one became significantly less important/vital in hindsight.) There’s no way the show would kill off Henry, but I kind of wish they would take that step. It would shake up every single character…

THE WALKING DEAD: I’m so underwhelmed by this season. It was interesting to see the Governor’s path of what he’s been up to in the time he was MIA, but it felt really cheesy at times. Hoping next week will be better.

HOMELAND: The show keeps having moments that makes me think things are back on track, but I still honestly don’t know how I feel about where things are. I’ve missed Brody. I’ve missed what Damian Lewis (Brody) brings to the show as an actor and I’ve missed what the character of Brody has done to Carrie and Saul. I’m glad he’s now seemingly back in the mix, and it’s honestly a little shocking we’ve gone this far in the season without bringing him more fully in the mix. We’ll see what next week brings.

So, what did you watch last night?

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