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SLEEPY HOLLOW: ‘Necromancer’ You Ask, I Answer

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SLEEPY HOLLOW has been consistently upping its game every week, and tonight’s episode, “Necromancer,” is not an exception. In fact, I’d argue it’s most important episode the show has done so far.

In honor of tonight’s episode, I answered a few of your burning questions about SLEEPY HOLLOW. (And, in case you’ve never read one of my “You Ask, I Answer”s before, the intention of these is to tease, not ruin. So I’m not going to tell you every single thing that goes down. Apologies if that’s what you were hoping for.)

On to the teases!

Are there any sweet scenes with Ichabod and Abbie in the episode or is everything as intense as it seems from the promos? 🙂 – @sanna_o75 via Twitter

While the hour is very, very, very intense, there are certainly moments of sweetness between the duo: Abbie is understandably concerned about how involved Ichabod is getting too involved with interrogating Headless.

Do we learn what relationship Headless had with Katrina? #SleepyHollow @SG_39 via Twitter

We absolutely do. Katrina is incredibly important in the Headless mythology….and, potentially, where it goes from here. Headless has some pretty strong opinions about her.

When will John Noble be back? – @DixieGirl256 via Twitter

Technically this isn’t about tonight’s episode, but I’ll allow it. Noble told reporters he was in three more episodes this season, and since we’re on episode 8 with “Necromancer” (of a 13 episode order)…you will be seeing him very soon!

Who collects Jenny from TPI, since Abbie’s preoccupied with HH? Was Katrina already engaged when she first met Ichabod? Do we meet anyone from Ichabod’s family? How are you so lucky to get a screener and how hard is it to not spill all the beans? 🙂 – acceber74 via Tumblr

This made me laugh out loud. As for your questions, 1) As much as Abbie loves her sister, Jenny’s involvement (or lack of involvement) with the team has to go through someone more powerful: Irving. 2) It’s safe to say Katrina isn’t single in tonight’s flashbacks. 3) We’ll meet someone very important to Ichabod. Whether s/he’s a blood relation is less vital. 4) I have the best job ever. (And I can’t wait to talk with you guys about what happens in tonight’s episode.)

And a few of my own teases:

  1. The team will spend some time debating whether they can trust John Cho’s Andy. You may go back and forth throughout the hour on whether you think he’s doing things for the right reasons.
  2. The show is secretly one of the best action shows on television. There are some deliciously fun action sequences in “Necromancer.”
  3. One of these days, TV characters will learn nothing good comes from splitting up during very bad moments. That lesson is not learned in tonight’s episode.

Okay, enough from me. Are you excited to see tonight’s episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW?

SLEEPY HOLLOW airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.


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