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Finale and winter finale time equals a ton of big things going down on Sunday night television. Let’s talk about what went down…

ONCE UPON A TIME: I felt a little underwhelmed by the goodbyes at the town line, because there was not one iota of me that believed that it was really goodbye. Had it been the show’s series finale (which, arguably, the hour almost felt like one up until the final moments), it would have broken my heart, but because I knew it wouldn’t take, a part of me was unmoved. I am curious where the show will go from here, because in some ways, it’s a repeat of season 1 — trying to convince the non-believer(s) that fairytale characters are real. What will make it interesting is how much Emma and Henry’s lives have changed in this year — do they have things they’ll be reluctant to leave? Of course, the same could be said about the fairytale characters and what they’ll have gone through in a year. I guess we’ll see in March!

HOMELAND: I already touched on a lot of my thoughts about the season finale here, but in the hours since I’ve wrote that, I’ve thought a bit more about things. I am a bit disappointed we didn’t touch on the Brody family and their reaction to the news. Dana, especially, even if so much of her storyline had been hit-or-miss in the past season-ish, because her relationship with her father had been so important, and so strained by the end. If we touched upon their devastation post-him being falsely accused, it’s a shame we didn’t see their reaction after learning he died in a redemption mission.

FAMILY GUY: Of course Brian was brought back. I don’t think there was any real positive to waiting a few episodes versus doing it the same episode, but whatever.

MASTERS OF SEX: It’s interesting, because everything about the final scene of the season should have felt like a cliche…but it worked. Ethan has spent the past few episodes offering the world to Virginia — including an over-the-phone marriage proposal in the finale — and yet when Bill comes to her, he freely admits he has nothing to offer her but the truth: that he can’t live without her. It may not be a romantic gesture (he never says the words “I love you,” and given that his wife just gave birth to their child, that’s probably a good thing), but it might be enough for Virginia. There truly was so much great acting in MASTERS OF SEX’s first season (we haven’t even touched on how brilliant Allison Janney and Beau Bridges have been this year), and it’s going to take all my willpower to not read everything that was written about Masters and Johnson during the hiatus.

What episode did you enjoy the most last night?

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