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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY at TCA: Live-Blog

January 13, 2014 by  

Jack Bauer is back, and the cast and producers will be participating in a Press Tour session today. Follow along for a live-blog of what they have to say!

9:37 AM: “Yes!” EP Howard Gordon says about whether it’s more ideal to do a shorter season. He says with less episodes, you have more time to maintain the quality of the episodes.

EP Manny Coto says that because the 12 episodes take place in a 24-hour span, this format gives them the freedom to jump forward in time as need be, and do things they couldn’t do with the show.

9:39 AM: Kiefer Sutherland says that the potential 24 film script isn’t what this series ended up being. The possibility to still do that is there.

9:41 AM: “This really is about Jack and where he is 12 years later [from the series premiere],” Gordon says. Political issues are obviously there, but it’s a backdrop to the characters that made the show.

9:42 AM: Coto says they haven’t thought about how this will play into the movie.

9:42 AM: They’ve yet to start filming the show, but they’ve written about half of the scripts for the season.

9:43 AM: So where are Jack and Chloe with their relationship when LAD picks up? C”hloe and Jack have had a relationship over the entire span of the show…at the very beginning of this show, they are pitted against each other because of a specific set of circumstances,” Sutherland teases. That will evolve over the season, though.

9:45 AM: Sutherland says if the show does get rebooted, he doesn’t think he’s essential to it continuing: he thinks the format of the show is the true star.

9:46 AM: “When we pick up four years later, Jack is still a fugitive…he’s hunted,” Coto says. Yvonne Strahovski is a CIA agent who is hunting Jack. Chloe has been damaged over the four years since we last saw her, she’s turned against the government, a la a Snowden-esque character, per Coto.

9:48 AM: They opted to set the miniseries in London, because they wanted to set this firmly apart from the series and Jack is also unable to come home.

9:50 AM: “There is no Chloe without Jack,” Mary Lynn Rajskub says, about the reaction to fans who so fiercely wanted her to be a part of this. She says people kept asking her on Twitter, but she had a couple of months where she didn’t know if she’d be back. “I never thought that 24 would come back, and I never thought it would come back in this format,” Rajskub says.

9:51 AM: Sutherland is excited to film in London, but he knows logistically, it could be tough due to their traffic: “Things will be blowing up: cars, double-decker buses.” He apologizes in advance for the trouble they cause. He is excited about broadening the scope of the show.

9:54 AM: EP Evan Katz jokes that “sometimes we have to check Wikipedia” about whether characters are alive or dead.

9:55 AM: “I used to get terrified before each season,” Sutherland says of stepping back into Jack’s shoes. “I’m very nervous. Without patting ourselves on the back too hard, we made eight great years…I was very proud of those eight years. And to make 12 episodes and not make the best 12 episodes we’ve ever made…I’m frightened [about that]…I’m about as anxious and wound up as I have been in some time.”

9:57 AM: The EPs clarify that they won’t skip through time in the episodes…they may skip hours between episodes, though.

9:58 AM: Katz says that they always knew they wanted Rajskub — when they figured out how to work her in, it was an “a ha!” moment.

10:00 AM: “What fascinated us was starting this character four years later, and what stories we could tell in a new and different place,” Coto says.

10:01 AM: Coto says the Chloe and Jack dynamic is not at all similar to HOMELAND’s Carrie and Brody.

10:02 AM: The EPs say that you haven’t seen the show — or didn’t watch it all — you can still watch this new series, because it does work as a standalone.

10:03 AM: Coto says that there is a controversial issue in LAD, but they’ll be tackling it from all angles, politically.

10:04 AM: Rajskub says that after reading the second episode, she found herself at the edge of her seat and thought, “We’re back!”

And we’re done! Thanks for following along.

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