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STAR-CROSSED: Aimee Teegarden Teases a Wedge Between Emery and Julia, the Anniversary of Arrival Day, War, and More

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STAR-CROSSED may have only just started, but for the characters on the show, tonight’s episode marks the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the Atrians.

I spoke with STAR-CROSSED star Aimee Teegarden (Emery) about what that anniversary means for the humans, where her character’s relationships stand, and more..

How are the humans marking the anniversary of Arrival Day?
Aimee Teegarden: It’s very split. I think some humans have embraced the idea of extraterrestrial life, and wanting to know more about them, and wanting to integrate them. And some of the humans are really opposed to it. Not just because they’re aliens or what happened that landed, but the blood that has been shed.

Speaking of humans, is Emery actively interested in Grayson? Or is she more just aware he’s there and focused more on Roman?
AT: I think that she’s sort of unsure about where she stands with her relationship with Roman and if there’s anything that’s ever going to be more there. And Grayson is a sweet guy and has given her the time of day, and has offered to show her the ropes in high school, and so at this point, I don’t think she’s thinking that much of it. There are so many other things going on. But further along in the season, she gets put into a position where she has to choose between the two of them, and obviously there is that fight of what your heart really wants: even if it’s a taboo versus what’s safe and what you should want.

Now that Julia is figuring out that Roman was the one to save her life, how does that change things for her relationship with Emery going forward?
AT: [Laughs] [Julia] sort of starts to spend a lot more time with Roman, and Emery doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, because they’ve been trying to keep it a secret, even though Emery suspects something. So it drives a bit of a wedge between Emery and Julia.

What does that do to Emery? Julia has seemed like her main person she really leans on…
AT: I would say Julia is her best friend, but she also has Lukas, who she grew up with. And Grayson comes along. So she tries to figure it out along the road. But it definitely puts a damper on the relationship with her and Julia.

We have seen little bits of Emery’s high school life. Will there be important milestones we see for her in the rest of season 1?
AT: Oh, there’s a lot of them! A lot of big events that go on. There’s homecoming. There’s a fall/winter dance thing. Every episode has some big kind of party or group event thing that happens…There’s a parade at the end. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on throughout the season.

The show has been teasing that war is coming. Is this something that will be building the entire season, or might viewers be surprised by it potentially coming earlier than they might anticipate?
AT: Both. I think some of it comes sooner than people might anticipate, but there’s also a big, big, big event that happens at the end of the season that we kind of build through the entire season.

As Roman and Emery navigate their relationship, do you see them as a couple that if and when they get together, they’ll stay together? Or do you see them more as an off/on couple?
AT: I think when they’re in sync they’ll probably end up together, but I think for now, this season, it’s like any young relationship: you’re both trying to figure out yourself. It definitely has its ups and downs.

Do you have a personal favorite episode this season?
AT: The last one is pretty fantastic. I literally couldn’t put the script down when I was reading it. I’m excited for people to see the season finale.

Is there a massive cliffhanger?
AT: Oh yeah. A huge, huge, huge, huge cliffhanger.


STAR-CROSSED airs Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.


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