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BONES Recap: ‘The High in the Low’

April 8, 2014 by  

Hey BONES fans! How did you like this episode, “The High in the Low”? We had the returning Wendell, controversy in the lab over medical marijuana, some B&B banter, and a gross, gross body! Let’s discuss!


The Scene of the Crime:  An escaped convict is being chased by law officials and dogs. He finds a hollow log and crawls into it, only to find that it is already occupied by human remains and about a bajillion bugs. I hate swarms!

Booth and Brennan and Hodgins uncover the top of the log and have the remains shipped to the Jeffersonian. Even there, the body is encased in plastic to keep the bugs from escaping into the lab. It’s hard to get DNA when the bugs are eating the remains, but eventually Angela is able to run a virtual representation of a possible victim and run it through the missing persons database.

The Victim:  Abby Briggs, a young art student who suffered from lupus. Abby worked at a medical marijuana dispensary, and she also benefited from using medical marijuana.

Primary Suspects:
•    Mallory Briggs, Abby’s sister. They didn’t stay in touch sometimes for weeks at a time. Mallory is the person who reported Abby missing.
•    Dr. Richard Burke, Abby’s boss. When it’s determined that Abby was growing her own marijuana strains at the dispensary, it’s possible Burke had to get rid of her…permanently.
•    Carl Collins, a security guard at the dispensary. Abby’s artwork shows him constantly staring at her in a threatening way. He admits that he thought they liked one another but that he read the signals incorrectly. But his flashlight is a possible match for the murder weapon.
•    Adam Caputo, a customer of the dispensary. Abby was angry with him for coming in with a fake medical marijuana card. Their argument is caught on the security footage, and Carl is seen carting him out of the store.

The Case Progression:

Hodgins and Wendell discuss the case, with Wendell noting that Abby wrote many articles about the self-medicating use of marijuana. Hodgins also notices a southern pine beetle, and he wonders where it came from and how it got into the log.
Wendell and Brennan examine the skeleton, and find that Carl’s flashlight is no longer a perfect match for the murder weapon. Brennan finds additional wounds on the victim.

Booth and Sweets discuss the case, and Booth tells Sweets that he examined Abby’s credit card statements, finding that she recently purchased a lot of camping equipment. They aren’t sure why, but when Hodgins and Angela are about to trace the southern pine beetle and a purple flower back to where Abby was killed, the team finds Abby’s camping tent and equipment. They also find traces of her blood on a nearby rock and tree and find her marijuana plants.

Hodgins examines the plants and realizes they are a different strain — they provide the medical benefits without causing the user to get high. This is good for Abby, but not good for the dispensary. Angela watches more security footage of Dr. Burke’s establishment and realizes that Abby was selling her strain of marijuana on the side.

Booth and Brennan discuss the case, and Booth tells her that Dr. Burke has an alibi for the time Abby was killed. Wendell provides Brennan with his case notes, and she discovers that he found an additional wound on Abby’s body — a small and very precise incision.

Cam and Brennan discuss the injury, and Cam points out that the amount of blood spatter that occurred suggests a carotid artery injury. Brennan concurs, and it is up to Angela to figure out what the weapon could be. They are able to narrow it down to a trophy with a sphere on top of a pyramid shaped object. And Adam Caputo owns such a trophy.

The Verdict: Booth and Brennan bring him back in to the FBI. He figures they don’t have proof that he killed Abby, but Brennan finds blood under the trophy’s metal plate. He admits he wanted to knock her out, not kill her.


A secondary plot revolved around Wendell and his recovery during chemotherapy. The team is grateful to see him back in the lab, and it was a nice welcome all around. During the course of the case, Wendell admits to Hodgins that he took his doctor’s advice to self-medicate with medical marijuana to combat reactions to chemotherapy. Hodgins doesn’t have an issue with it and figures no one else will either.

Wendell confides in Brennan as well, and then also Cam. Brennan has no issue, but Cam tells Wendell that he could compromise legal cases and that he must no longer work at the Jeffersonian. Hodgins, Angela and Brennan are unhappy with this decision.

It was an interesting dynamic, and I could see that Cam was upset. The scene between her and Hodgins and Angela where they found the actual crime scene was intense and well-acted, even if it was a little uncomfortable to see the characters upset with one another.

In the end, B&B arrived at Wendell’s apartment with a compromise. With Caroline Julian’s help, the lab can hire him as a consultant as long as he doesn’t touch evidence. He agrees to the job.

As far as Sweets goes, he mostly worked with Booth as he tried to figure out how to score higher on the written portion of his annual FBI exam. It was fun to see their back and forth arguments.


I really liked all of the B&B scenes in this episode, from the beginning at the gun range to the end on the park bench. I liked how, while they didn’t always agree, they were both equally joking/teasing and also still respected one another. I also liked how they reconciled by seeing the other person’s point of view. It reminded me of some season 4 episodes, where B&B were sort of circling one another more and testing their relationship. Now of course, they are married and together, so the resolution is even sweeter. I thought the entire storyline of Booth shrugging off the mental portion of his exam, but then wanting to do well in Brennan’s eyes was very realistic to both characters.

She challenges him, and even though a lot of times he’ll act dumber than he is, he likes rising to the challenge. And he likes succeeding, even if he does trust his gut most of the time.

Individually, I also liked how each one responded to Wendell without really compromising their personal opinions. It was a win for everyone all around, in my opinion. And it was pretty funny when Wendell made a pot brownies joke and neither of them laughed. Classic.  Wendell is getting the Sweets treatment — that’s how he should know he’s really made it.

Okay, enough from me. What did you like about this episode? What didn’t work for you? The comments are open, so sound off!

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6 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The High in the Low’”

  1. Rita Sioros on April 8th, 2014 11:53 am

    I loved this show. It just shows you how they all interact together so well. The ups & downs & highs & lows. It was well written.. The cast did an amazing job. Booth came out on top. He Rocks. Wendell story line was so intense. He did a great job. They all worked to save his job. Booth’s reaction to his test with a push from Brennan made all that more enjoyable. This is such a Great Show. It stands out from the others. Cast & Crew Job Well Done!

  2. ANDREA on April 8th, 2014 2:37 pm

    I really enjoyed this episode as well-lots of good interactions between the characters and the case was very interesting as well as relative since the issue of the benefits of medical marajuana is headline news. Really loved the ending when Booth scored higher on his test due to Brennan encouraging him to practice the logic/critical thinking aspect of the test. So much fun and the season is ending strong. So glad it’s been renewed for a tenth season!

  3. adrienne on April 8th, 2014 4:02 pm

    Good ep., and a good review. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Jo on April 8th, 2014 11:10 pm

    I loved this episode. It was great in all the ways of Bones. Wendell’s sickness with cancer is heartbreaking. It was special to see his family of friends giving him the support and encouragement he needs. It was so sad when Cam had to fire him because of he uses marijuana to controll his pain. Thank goodness for Caroline coming to the rescue. Booth & Brennan were so happy to tell Wendell he has a new job at the lab and a office too. I hope Wendell will become free and clear of cancer soon.

    I loved B&B’s bickering, like old times, I hope they keep it up they do it so well. Booth was hot in all his glory FBI way’s. B&B are such a fabulous couple drinking Champhane on a park bench to celebrate Booth passing his FBI compentency test with 97% no less .I love B&B.

  5. Carlis on April 9th, 2014 2:19 pm

    Oh I love B&B, I will never get tired of them and the things we see in their relationship 🙂 I wish the show could go on forever. This episode was really nice and yes @Jo Booth was really hot in his tests 🙂 I have forgotten how handsome DB is… I hope the end of the season will be really good

  6. Tisa Wessner on March 5th, 2015 9:40 am

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