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MOM Season 1 Finale: Sadie Calvano Previews ‘Smokey Taylor and a Deathbed Confession’

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MOM has never been shy about being a different, more serious, kind of sitcom when it wants to be — after all, few multi-cam series tackle teen pregnancy, addiction, and cancer in their first year — and when the season concludes this Monday, the stakes are high for all of the characters.

“I think it is undoubtedly the most emotionally-charged episode of the season,” Sadie Calvano (Violet) previewed. “And I think that there’s lots of things that come to surfrace this episode that I think every character has wanted all season. So I’m really excited for the audience to take that journey with us, because we had such a fun journey shooting it.”

As the promos have teased, one of the things fans can expect from the finale is for Violet to give birth. And since Calvano has yet to experience childbirth in real-life, she set out to research how to play those scenes.

“I did an unbelievable amount of prep,” Calvano laughed. “I knew I was going to be giving birth, and I was planning on maybe watching a couple of videos, and I researched Lamaze, and I talked with my mom, I talked with co-star Anna [Faris (Christy)], and other women on our set who had children.”

“But little did I know, our production team went so above and beyond [and brought in] all these different specialists, and real birthing nurses, and sent me all these videos,” she continued. “And after I watched a couple of these videos, and talked with some of these people, I was just white in the face. I walked into the room with my mom, and I said, ‘I don’t know why anyone has children!’ That was scary! It’s such an intimate thing, even with this TV child, who hasn’t been real until we were shooting with a 20-day-old baby in our finale. And still, it was such an emotionally charged, nerve-wracking thing.”

But her on-screen mother, Faris — who has experience giving “birth” on television, too — did have a piece of advice that gave Calvano a bit of peace of mind.

“One thing Anna told me that helped me a lot going into it was it’s really important to remember every pregnancy is different,” Calvano recalled. “That much like every woman, every birth is going to be different, so there’s not really a wrong way to do it. So that was really important that I recognized and understood that…[and] before I did MOM, I did another pilot where I was like nine months pregnant, that didn’t end up going anywhere — no one saw it — but apparently I’m just the pregnant type! I guess someone really wanted to see me pregnant. And while I was doing that, Jennie Garth was in that show, and I was asking her some questions, like, ‘Can you tell me, what did it feel like?’ And her response to me was, ‘Just imagine, holding your bottom lip, and pulling it all the way around your head. And that’s what having a baby feels like.'”

And while Calvano’s on-screen pregnancy will be over with the season finale, what comes next is a whole other matter…and the cast of MOM will be on twitter when the finale airs to discuss all the twists and turns of the episode.

“We’re going to be live-tweeting the finale!” Calvano said. (Who can be found on Twitter here.) “So I really hope everyone gets on Twitter with us. We’re going to be doing our best; I know our cast started off a little Twitter-challenged, but we’re figuring it out. so I’m really hoping people log on and talk with us, because I’m so excited and anxious to see how everyone reacts to it.”

MOM’s first season finale airs Monday, April 14th at 9:30 PM on CBS.

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