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RIZZOLI & ISLES: Angie Harmon Previews Jane’s Changes in Season 5

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RIZZOLI & ISLES fans will see a whole new side of Jane’s personality this season for a very good reason: she’s pregnant!

“I think the thing that is my most favorite aspect of Jane being pregnant is…the kid in her is sort of coming out,” Angie Harmon (Jane) told reporters. “She’s not as crotchety, and she’s not as bossy. Now she’s more like a practical joker. And that’s been fun. Before, you could tell she had been through many of life’s experiences that could make you step back and be grateful for what you had. With this, I think she takes herself less seriously; I think she takes life — you can actually take a breath, smell the roses, make your friend laugh, that kind of thing. And I like that about her. That’s how I am…it’s been a really, really fun thing to watch that. And she’s terrified…you know the first time this whole thing happens, I don’t care if you’ve tried for years, when you see those two pinks lines, it’s like, ‘OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?’ You completely freak out.”

And while Jane shared her pregnancy suspicions with Maura at the end of the last season, there’s still the matter of everyone else finding out.

“Each one finds out in their own special way, and then reacts in their own special way,” Harmon teased. “Jane, of course, is so adamant about keeping her job, and keeping it a secret, and being a cop, because that’s all she wants to do. And then you have Angela, [her] mother, who is like, ‘But you’re my baby!’ It’s supposed to be a very girly, frilly, lovely moment, and Jane just won’t have it. Jane is just about, ‘I’m carrying a gun, I’m going to attack bad guys, and possibly tackle them in the street’…it goes on for a bit, it’s quite comedic.”

But while Jane might be undergoing some personal changes, fans shouldn’t expect the show to core of the show to change.

“I happen to think season 5 is our best season yet,” Harmon said. “I think the girls no longer have to fight for that relationship; they have that relationship, they’re best friends. Now it’s about everything that happens to all of them as a cast…and how we all come together and react to life’s situations.”

RIZZOLI & ISLES returns tonight at 9 PM on TNT.

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