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It’s time for SLEEPY HOLLOW at the TCA!

Follow along for a live-blog of what the team has to say about season 2…

4:33 PM: When a reporter points out last season Kevin Reilly said they fell behind in production, Bob Orci cracks, “And look what happened to him.”

In all seriousness, Mark Goffman says “Season 2 is just a much better process.”

4:35 PM: “We’re very lucky we have a writers room that is diverse,” Tom Mison says. He says there’s a really nice balance for them, because there’s a groundedness to the series.

4:37 PM: Has the fan reaction to Ichabod/Abbie altered how they’re writing this show? “Not at all,” Len Wiseman cracks. “Of course. It continues to evolve. We do pay attention to what people are responding to. It’s the heart of the show.”

4:38 PM: Would John Noble feel like his father was cheating on his mother if Abbie/Ichabod get together? “Yes,” Noble deadpans.

4:39 PM: How do they view the Ichabod/Abbie relationship?

Alex Kurtzman: “I think Abbie and Crane need each other desperately…they have a very unique connection.”

Mison: “Running around in the woods can be profoundly erotic, so sometimes we send a look…hashtag Ichabbie.”

4:42 PM: “We want to make sure we’re stretching our story well,” Kurtzman says of getting extra episodes.

“As we start to do more than 18, it does feel hard…to maintain that level of tension, it’s hard to do more than 22,” Goffman says. They often found they had more story to tell, and this gives them breathing room.

“I think we would die,” Nicole Beharie cracks when it’s suggested they do 26 episodes.

4:44 PM: Beharie says that one of the things that attracted her to the role was that “Crane has become a family member in a way,” she says. “The closest person she’s ever had in her life because she’s been fostered off and everyone dies. The relationship mirrors our own relationship because we spend a lot of time together.”

4:46 PM: “It’s a great way to be compared to, it’s a favorite show of mine,” Wiseman says when the show is compared to THE X-FILES. “There’s so much more there before you get to the are they or aren’t they.” He says they aren’t playing to the romance, but when other characters come in, there are levels of jealousy where they realize, “I’m not really comfortable with that.”

Goffman promises some bombshells between them because of Crane/Katrina.

4:48 PM: “We never do anything we don’t feel we can commit to,” Kurtzman says of their busy workload.

4:49 PM: “We couldn’t tell you,” Kurtzman says when asked how long it will take to get Ichabod out of the box. They note it won’t be totally quick.

4:50 PM: “He’s really good at being this mechanic [of destruction],” Noble says. He hopes they revisit the Ichabod/Katrina/Henry dynamic soon, because he thinks it will compromise Henry’s position as War.

4:52 PM: “We’re always taking a look at things we’re familiar with, and figuring out how to put them into SLEEPY HOLLOW,” Wiseman says of characters they’re intro-ing.

Goffman teases that the new sheriff will shed light on Abbie and Jenny.

4:54 PM: “Every script!” Mison says of whether he ever thinks the show is insanely crazy. “That’s how I felt when I read the pilot; like you said, it’s batshit crazy…There’s not really a shark to jump, because in the pilot, we kicked the shark in the teeth.”

4:56 PM: “We know what people think will be the cheat…it’s kind of like treating them like a consultant,” Orci says of the SLEEPY HOLLOW fans. Kurtzman says “we owe them the…respect” to listen.

“I think they’ve noticed things we wouldn’t have noticed,” Heather Kadin says, pointing to Ichabod wearing the same clothes over and over again, as something they might not have noticed if fans hadn’t pointed it out.

4:58 PM: Are they doing anything to tie-in with the real Sleepy Hollow? “John Noble is running for mayor,” Orci cracks. “Yes!” Noble enthuses.

5:00 PM: New things Crane gets to do this season: he sees Abbie vote, and he learns how to drive. “[The show] could be earnest…so it’s nice to see a grown man confused by a pen,” Mison says.

And we’re done!

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