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GOTHAM at New York Comic Con: Live-Blog

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GOTHAM is about to have a panel at NYCC, and Give Me My Remote is there to live-blog what goes on.

Keep updating for the latest from planned panelists, Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, and Danny Cannon…

1:26 PM: And we’re officially starting. We’re getting a sizzle reel of what’s gone down so far. And we’re getting a preview of Monday’s episode. Without spoiling much, the episode picks up from where last week’s left off, and there is some intense stuff going down between Jim and Oswald.

1:32 PM: The cast is being introduced.

1:33 PM: “We had the luxury of going back in time, which not many people have done,” Cannon says of how they were able to tell a different story. He calls it their own “poem” to this story.

1:35 PM: “I think he’s feeling surrounded because he is surrounded,” McKenzie says of the darkness around him.

1:35 PM: “He’s been around for a while and he became cynical,” Logue says. He says Harvey has met a ton of do-gooding partners, but it takes meeting Jim Gordon to potentially change things up for him.

1:37 PM: “He’s able to play people off of people and emerge triumphant,” Taylor says of Oswald’s M.O. He notes it’s an actor’s dream come true.

1:38 PM: The interesting thing for Pertwee was to find a hook for Alfred, but this version doesn’t always have the easy answer to help Bruce.

1:39 PM: “She obviously loves him so much and she wants it to work, but she can already sense she wants it to work,” Richards says.

1:40 PM: “Mapping out the first season was a delight,” Cannon says. “Not just because all of these characters are a delight to play with.” He notes they sat down with DC to see which bad guys had backstories and which ones didn’t.

1:41 PM: “I wanted to be faithful to the mythology and the intent,” McKenzie says. He doesn’t want to be a bad parody of the other actors who have played Gordon in the past.

Taylor says he wants to bring the “sheer fun” the other actors have brought to Oswald.

1:44 PM: “I’ve heard the Harvey Bullock animated version,” Logue says. He says his kids watch the show when he drives from LA to Oregon every weekend. But he points out “they have time to go before they need to get where you see them in the future.”

“I get to bring out the new things in you and find things to play with,” Richards says of what her character brings out in Jim.

1:47 PM: “He’s got to figure out on the fly how to save his own neck, and more secrets will arise,” McKenzie teases of the Oswald lie. But, his actions as well-intentioned as they were, will lead to the eventual rise of The Penguin. “Of course, the morally correct thing…is not the right thing to do.” (And McKenzie notes it will be fun to play that dawning realization.)

“He’s gonna be pissed,” Logue says of when Harvey finds out. “And a little bit ‘I told you so.'”

1:49 PM: So why did Oswald come back? “His whole identity is wrapped up in this city and this environment,” Taylor explains.

1:50 PM: “A Machiavellian rise to the top is something we explore,” Cannon says of Oswald’s struggle with Fish.

1:53 PM: Alfred goes off, Logue teases.  And more characters will mix together.

“You start to realize why he’s a great keeper of the gate..because he’s a bad-ass,” Pertwee teases.

1:54 PM: Will we ever see a reference to a young Harley Quinn? Cannon dances his way around there. But Harvey Dent is coming in episode 9. (Cannon declines to tease anything about Dent.)

1:56 PM: Wow, when Taylor prepped for auditioning, he didn’t know what the project was or who the character was. He got tipped off the night before it was for GOTHAM and the role was for Penguin. He did it once, they sent him out to LA.

1:57 PM: “The character was so beautifully drawn,” Taylor says. He says when they dye his hair, he puts on the nose, and he puts on the suit, it’s like putting on the skin of the character.

1:59 PM: Cannon is asked about the show’s diversity, and he mentioned in the late ’70s, early ’80s was the template.

“Gotham was always the New York I wanted to visit,” Cannon says.

“I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of this project,” Richards says. “[TV] is really leading the way in female characters…no longer are we just the lover, or the wife, or the victim.”

2:02 PM: “That trilogy is a masterpiece,” Cannon says. But he notes the show takes place 18 years before the events of that takes place.

2:04 PM: “Right now, he’s just a 12-year-old kid,” McKenzie says when the panel is asked how much Bruce will interact with future villains.

2:06 PM: Logue says he was asked at TCAs how he could do a show as violent as GOTHAM, and he says his response was, “Have you seen [Logue’s other work] SONS OF ANARCHY?” He says the truth of it is, you meet the people who are steering the ship. And it’s “fun to go really, really dark.”

2:08 PM: McKenzie says after his pilot with Bruno Heller didn’t work last season, Heller wrote Gordon on GOTHAM will him in mind.

2:10 PM: Will we be seeing the Court of Owls? “That would be great,” Cannon says.

2:11 PM: “Does it matter?” Cannon jokes about when the show takes place in time.

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