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FOREVER Books THE WALKING DEAD’s Emily Kinney and a Return for Hilarie Burton

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FOREVER has booked a return visit for Hilarie Burton and a first-time appearance for THE WALKING DEAD’s Emily Kinney (who played Beth on the AMC series).

“Emily Kinney from THE WALKING DEAD is going to be on our show,” FOREVER creator Matt Miller shared. “She actually starts shooting [episode 16] tomorrow. And we bring back Hilarie Burton as the dominatrix. She starts tomorrow as well. She and Henry have a nice chemistry.”

Burton — whose Iona sparked with Ioan Gruffudd’s Henry late last year — once again pops up in their world thanks to a case.

“She’s brought back into a case…a girl is killed in the very beginning — we see someone in all ’70s attire,” Miller teased. “She’s killed and we think we’re in a flashback. But we realize, she’s in her apartment that has been designed in New York to be an exact replica of the ’70s…and we realize it’s all part of someone’s fantasy. That they were replaying a moment of their life they couldn’t get back. So they’ve been playing it, and it went wrong, and she ended up dead.”

“Hilarie comes back because the woman that died, she was an NYU student, and had gotten very into role-playing, and had dropped out of all of her other classes and started getting into deviant psychology stuff, and had taken a class that Hilarie Burton was teaching,” he continued. “And in the beginning of the story, we go to visit the class, find out she’s the teacher, she and Henry see each other, sparks fly, and Henry is constantly trying to work her back into the case. And Jo’s like, ‘There’s no reason for her to be involved with the case. And he’s like, ‘Well, I think her expert opinion would be really valuable!’ And she notices Henry has a new scarf on, and he’s too nervous to ask her on a date because it’s been a long time, but he eventually does, and that plays out a certain way. So it’s a nice story.”

But it’s not too nice. The flashbacks will peel back a layer on a particularly bittersweet moment in Henry and Abigail’s life together.

“We end up flashing back with Henry to a moment that he keeps replaying in his life, and for Henry, it’s a moment with Abigail when she was in her mid-60s,” Miller said. “And Henry’s still 35, and they try and go out for an anniversary dinner gone wrong. The waitress thinks he’s with his mother, and he understands the idea of having a moment you can’t get past in your life. So it’s a really fun an interesting story.”

As for Kinney’s role in the hour, “Emily comes in as [the victim’s] roommate,” Miller previewed. “But she knows a little bit more than she’s leading on to at the beginning.”

FOREVER airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on ABC.


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