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CASTLE: ‘Resurrection’ You Ask, I Answer

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He’s back!

CASTLE viewers haven’t seen 3XK/Jerry Tyson since he fell to his (presumed) death in season 5, and in this Monday’s episode, “Resurrection,” Castle and Beckett are shocked when they come face-to-face with him…or at least, someone who looks just like him.

I had the chance to watch “Resurrection” a little bit early, and when I asked you guys for some questions for this YAIA, you delivered. So, I have a few answers to some of your burning questions (though as a reminder, the intention of these posts is always to tease, not completely spoil the episode)…

How much of the episode is about recalling past episodes about 3xk? – @BecklebeeCastle  via Twitter

There was a surprising amount of flashbacks in the episode, but for what it’s worth, I think it really worked. The show has been playing with the 3XK mythology since season 3, and Michael Mosley hasn’t appeared since season 5…he’s done a lot to the team, and for the episode to land, it makes sense the CASTLE writers wanted to remind us of the history.

At any point during the episode is Castle’s disappearance touched upon? – @O10Courtney via Twitter

No, this episode is very much about adjusting to Jerry Tyson’s apparent reappearance and finding a way to stop him before anyone else gets hurt versus the team questioning Tyson about Castle’s still-mysterious missing months. But since CASTLE showrunner David Amann told me it would be touched on in the two-parter, I imagine it’s coming in the next episode.

Was it at all what you expected?? – @MaddyTran1 via Twitter

Yes and no. Right or wrong, I probably have a higher expectation for the 3XK episodes than most — as much as I loved Bracken and Beckett’s mother’s murder arc, these 3XK episodes have been something else. And, man, “Resurrection” delivered for me.

Mosley and Annie Wersching (Dr. Nieman) are fantastic. The great thing about how the writers have played the 3XK story is that they’ve made Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito, and Lanie victims, so the entire cast has a chance to shine/play being impacted by the story, as opposed to just worrying solely about one or two people. And I loved that I thought I had one thing pegged, and then the show zagged in an entirely different direction.

Cutest moment? Most dramatic moment? @letsgoppl via Twitter

There is an absolutely adorable moment between Castle and Beckett before the death and drama starts up. It might get overshadowed by the fact that nearly everything after it is dramatic, but fans should enjoy it.

As for the drama, I honestly can’t even pick the most dramatic moment, because three or four immediately sprung to mind.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how intense is the final scene/mini cliffhanger? – @Sandraxf via Twitter

Well, they certainly want to make sure you come back…in some ways it’s a (figuratively) slow-motion intensity for the final sequence.

But for a number, probably 8/9. In many ways, it’s a more grounded cliffhanger than other ones the show has done, which makes it more unnerving.

How much angst is in this episode? We talking one glass of wine or two?? – ‏@leriam10 via Twitter

It. Is. Intense. I probably can’t speak to anyone else’s need to drink, but it’s one of the most intense hours the show has done in years. There are a couple of moments that will either lead to drinking, talking to/yelling at the TV, or a whole lot of tweeting. (Or maybe some variation of the three.)

Are you looking forward to “Resurrection”?

CASTLE airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.


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