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BACKSTROM Recap: ‘Corkscrewed’

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Hello BACKSTROM fans! Here we are at the next to last episode of the first season. What did you think of this one, “Corkscrewed”? I thought it was interesting and a good character study. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it!


On his way home, Backstrom comes across a dying man. It’s Dante Trippi, the man he threatened against Valentine in a previous episode. Trippi dies, and Backstrom calls in the team, but he tries to hide any connection he has with the dead man.

This plan is ruined by Moto and Valentine, who both out him. Backstrom is annoyed but more concerned about Valentine’s interactions with Trippi. Valentine admits he was in the wine shipping game with Trippi, but he insists it was all legal. He merely helped transport wine from one supplier to another and Trippi wanted in on the action—and what Trippi wants, Trippi gets.

Almond and Backstrom visit Altano, the sheriff of the river. He’s corrupt and compares himself to Backstrom, and says he looks the other way on crime.

Backstrom sends Moto and Neidermayer with Val to the wine suppliers. Their winery has temperature controls, but Neidermayer notices one door has condensation. Moto opens the room and they see a counterfeit wine operation. They were getting the super rare wine for cheap, and replacing it with very cheap wine but selling it for a mint.

Backstrom questions Valentine again, who admits he may have known the wine was fake. Backstrom is tired of the way his brother is elusive with the truth. He decides to set-up a sting to catch the murderer, but when Valentine goes to his post to get the wine, the boat driver speeds on past. They catch the driver, Annie, with a police boat. She admits to getting a cut of the wine but figures it was all legal.

Backstrom then puts Valentine up as bait again, this time at the Portland Governor’s Club, where the wine was to be delivered. Val is held up at gunpoint by the sommelier who then just insists he is nervous because of Trippi’s death. Backstrom makes a scene with the governor’s club but quickly leaves when he sees Valentine is safe.

The team realizes Annie could be guilty, but when Backstrom questions her, she insists she is innocent, loves the river, and would be miserable without it. She also agrees to testify against Altano. Backstrom likes this because it gives him a win with Amy. But it doesn’t get them closer to solving this case.

Backstrom finds empty wine bottles in the trashcan at the barge. He calls Neidermayer at the office and asks what the contents of Trippi’s stomach were. Cheese, crackers, meat, wine. Backstrom finds evidence of all of this, and he realizes Trippi wasn’t trying to come to the barge to get Valentine, he was leaving it when he was shot. He is furious with his brother and confronts him, stating that it’s irresponsible and unbrotherly to keep lying and putting his career in jeopardy. Val rebuts that he did it to keep Trippi from blackmailing Backstrom about their previous violent incident—which is pretty darn brotherly. Backstrom knows he needs to solve the case.

The team tries some of the contraband wine at the precinct, and Backstrom figures he knows what the case is really about. He goes back to the Portland Governor’s Club and makes another scene, goading the sommelier into pouring the most expensive wine for the club’s guests. The sommelier is cool at first, but when Backstrom accuses him of murder, and the guests can tell the difference in the wine’s quality, he tries to run. But Almond stops him—and he’s found the gun used to shoot Trippi. They arrest the sommelier and the case is solved.


  • I liked this case a lot; it was interesting and pulled all of the characters together in a nice way.
  • I really liked the moment when Almond told Backstrom he needed to get Valentine in line, ensuring Backstrom knows that more than just his reputation is on the line—he leads the team and is responsible for them
  • The Backstrom/Amy relationship is one of the best things of this entire show, and this episode’s scenes are some of the best we’ve seen. We know that they have built a sort of working relationship/friendship type thing on always being honest with one another, so Backstrom is furious to find out Amy is dating Jesse Rocha, someone he doesn’t trust—but he’s even more upset when he realizes she lied about it. I also loved the end scene where she finally told him that he was toxic to her life and that she wanted him out of it. Heartbreaking, but so well done.


  • I could be wrong, but based on some interviews and some moments in this episode (and next week’s finale) it seems that, while filming, the cast had a lot of control over their characters. This isn’t bad necessarily, but there were moments here where things felt a little loose, like a high school production on its last night when the kids have nothing to lose and make their own jokes, and everyone tries to be the funniest or most dramatic vs. just doing their lines. Could just be me. Not terrible, just felt less professional than other episodes this season.


  • He continues to make bad decisions when it comes to Amy, and others, but there has been growth over the season, which is good. The scene where he and Valentine confronted one another was intense but necessary. They are both figuring out their brotherly identities, and there is a lot of room to grow there

What did you like or not like about this episode? Speak up in the comments below!

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