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BONES Recap: ‘The Verdict in the Victims’

May 7, 2015 by  

Hello, hello! What did you think of this BONES episode, “The Verdict in the Victims”? I thought it was pretty good. I think in theory, it was great, but the episode suffered some internal and external timing issues. It’s a shame the serial killer storyline was wrapped up so quickly, because I think there was a lot crammed into this episode that could have been explored. And because Booth and Brennan and team were the ones who have been working this case all along, all errors in previous work are on their conscience, which was a bummer.

Normally when they are racing against the clock, it’s to overturn shoddy work or a deceitful coroner’s report. That every clue in this case came at the expense of some error they’d made before was a stretch. And explaining away SUCH a quick timeframe from Alex Rockwell’s trial to his execution was also a stretch. (It’s been seven months AND he requested an early death?)

I am not sure if this episode suffered from a need to wrap up storylines before the end of the season (and possibly series) or not, but I think it was somewhat rushed. So the team was up against the clock, and the episode itself seemed rushed by the very nature of the show’s status on Fox’s schedule for 2015-2016.


The episode begins as Alex Rockwell is told he has 48 hours until his execution. He was found guilty in the death of three men during a previous case (from the episode “The Baker in the Bits”). He tells his guard that he doesn’t have a special request for his last meal and he doesn’t want to see a priest—that man gave up on him long ago.

Brennan is holed up at the lab, convinced that Alex did not kill an additional victim, Barnes, who shares the injuries of other serial killer victims. She and Booth and Caroline attempt to get a judge (played by Linda Lavin) to stay the execution, but the judge is reticent.

Booth and Aubrey bring Thomas Saltz back in for questioning; he was friends with Alex, maybe he is letting his friend take the fall for his crimes. Thomas insists he is clean; he’s even been going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

They are also visited at the FBI by Roger Flender, Alex’s boss at the bakery. Roger offers himself up as a suspect; if he’s under suspicion, maybe Alex’s execution can be put on hold? Booth says it’s a nice offer, but they would need actual evidence against Roger.

Booth visits Alex in an emotionally charged scene at the prison. Time out just to say that Gabriel Salvador was EXCELLENT as Alex in this episode. Truly excellent. Alex doesn’t want Booth’s offer of help and says he is tired of the justice system on earth; he wants to submit to God’s justice now.

Booth and Aubrey then visit Alex’s girlfriend and son, Lauren and Zeke, and one of his previous friends, Torrance. Booth wonders if Torrance has motive for Alex to be gone; he seems to be interested in Lauren. They insist they are only friends.

Booth and Brennan are visited at the FBI by Roger Flender, Alex’s boss at the bakery. (Seriously — how do people just walk in there?) Roger offers himself up as a suspect; if he’s under suspicion, maybe Alex’s execution can be put on hold? Booth says it’s a nice offer, but they would need actual evidence against Roger.

Angela tries to find a connection between Barnes and Rockwell, and Booth wakes up from sleep with a realization that the previous killings followed a pattern, and if Rockwell isn’t the killer, there is likely another victim out there.

The team works together and they find an abandoned water factory, and sure enough, there’s another body there. This body belongs to Tracy Taylor and matches the wounds on the other victims and could not have been committed by Alex. Aubrey figures out that Tracy was in the same Narcotics Anonymous group as Thomas. Booth questions him again, and he reiterates his innocence.

Angela is able to find a link between Barnes and Rockwell, sort of. Barnes driver died a few weeks before Barnes did, of a drug overdose. The driver was Kyle Martin, the nephew of Roger Flender. The team then wonders if Flender set Alex up for his crimes.

They go to his home and search for what could possibly be the weapon. Brennan guides Booth over the phone and directs him to find a masonic compass. Booth finds the weapon; Flender is arrested, and with like one minute to spare, Alex’s execution is halted.


  • Loved Aubrey hanging out with Christine; very cute.
  • Loved Hodgins and Angela discussing moving to Paris. Also loved Hodgins’ suggestion that after 10 years, they deserve to let life happily surprise them.
  • Thought the Hodgins/Cam controversy over the death penalty was interesting, if not a little intense. I thought Fuentes was a little heavy handed in this episode, especially regarding the death penalty.
  • I liked how everyone banded together to solve the case and quickly.
  • Caroline=great as always.
  • It might be just because there were two episodes in one night here, but it seemed like there was an over-use of Sweets’ name in vain. I think the show needs to move on and either hire another psychologist or just let the characters express his opinions. Enough of the “Well, Sweets would have said that…” It’s overused at this point.



I liked the way they worked through this case together in this episode. Like I said at the beginning, I think this episode could have been best done spread out over at least two episodes. When “The Baker in the Bits” aired, I was so intrigued by this idea that Booth, having done time, would be haunted by the reality of these good guys who were given a second chance outside of the system. I really thought the continuation of the storyline would include Booth processing some things as well. Moments like Booth waking up in a rush or them busting into the judge’s chambers were all just…rushed, and so then the episode had a ‘convenient’ feel to it, i.e. everything worked out just a little too smoothly and quickly. At the same time, with the execution clock on the line, everyone was under the wire. I’m not explaining myself well, so I’ll just move on — basically I wish the storyline could have been expanded a bit, but I also understand why it couldn’t.

What did you think of this episode; what worked for you and what didn’t? The comments are open, speak your mind!

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4 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Verdict in the Victims’”

  1. Laura Opper on May 8th, 2015 12:38 pm

    I liked this episode but you are right…it would have made more sense to spread it out a little. I guess they weren’t sure they would have enough time to get every thing done or enough plot to make two episodes. I do like the episodes that are fast paced and the writers did do a good job of ramping up the tension.

    I did like that Booth woke Brennan up with an idea about the case, and I didn’t really mind the Sweets references too much.

    I liked this episode better than the first one that was shown last night.

  2. Jo on May 8th, 2015 8:01 pm

    Bones has been renewed for season 11. Goody Goody.
    I don’t know what happened to the other comments. I posted a comment last night and don not know where it is.

  3. Katie on May 9th, 2015 2:45 am

    Agree with the thoughts on the speed of Rockwell’s trial, but kind of liked that they had a hard time finding new evidence. Didn’t like the judge’s attitude about not postponing the case (unrealistic as most judges nowadays are almost too cautious to sentence/kill innocent victims because of lawsuits).

    My question is……Angela and Hodges?!?! Are the really going to move to Paris? Are they leaving the show? I can’t find anywhere online that says if either Conlin or Thyne have signed or not signed contracts for the upcoming (YAY!) season. Any info on this? Thanks!

  4. Marisa Roffman on May 9th, 2015 7:11 pm

    @Katie: Michaela and TJ were announced as series regulars for next season: