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BONES: Teases For ‘The Lost in the Found’ and ‘The Verdict in the Victims’

May 7, 2015 by  


We’re only a few hours away from BONES airing two episodes back-to-back (they are not connected by case, so calling it a two-hour episode feels wrong), and after viewing “The Lost in the Found” and “The Verdict in the Victims,” I do have a few teases about what’s going down…

  • BONES creator Hart Hanson noted that the show was having to juggle two different paths as the show didn’t know whether it was working towards a season or series finale. With these episodes, for a few of the characters, you can see where — if this was the final season — they might be ultimately leading them.
  • Brennan is in a bit of denial about how pregnant she is — not the size of her bump, but literally how many months pregnant she is.
  • With Sweets gone — and a new baby at home — Daisy isn’t sure if she should attempt dating again. To get some help, she turns to a few Jeffersonian friends.
  • Hodgins and Angela don’t waste much time thinking about what to do with their new money.
  • Caroline? Still freaking awesome.
  • There are some really great friendship scenes between Brennan/Angela and Cam/Brennan in the hours.
  • The show returns to the serial killer arc, as they realize they may not have actually caught the right person…and they have their original suspect on death row, about to be killed.

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