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SUPERGIRL at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 12, 2015 by  

The final panel for DC’s uber block? New CBS drama, SUPERGIRL!

Follow along for the live-blog…

10:11 PM: “She comes in as female, and she comes out as powerful,” showrunner Ali Adler says of the attention being paid to the fact that she’s a female superhero.

“It felt like it was time for a female lead at the center of one of these shows,” EP Greg Berlanti says.

10:15 PM: Andrew Kreisberg notes they’re batting 3/3 in finding their superhero leads: Stephen Amell was the first person they saw for Oliver Queen, Grant Gustin was the first person they saw for Barry Allen, and Melissa Benoist was the first person they saw for Kara.

The EPs say they instantly knew she was the right one, but Benoist was worried she blew her first audition.

10:16 PM: “It’s hard to articulate how that feels…it feels like then I put on the cape and I look in the mirror and I see the ‘S,’ and something transforms,” Benoist says. “It’s impossible not to feel hope and strength and brave.”

10:18 PM: “You don’t know if he has good intentions or bad intentions: you’ll just have to wait and see,” David Harewood teases.

10:19 PM: “There’s another strong, attractive male in the way,” Jeremy Jordan says of his character’s interest in Kara, but the complication of James Olsen.

Mechad Brooks’ James has come to town for a mysterious reason (for now)…but Brooks distracts everyone by showing off his abs.

10:22 PM: Reactron, Maxwell Lord, and Livewire are coming to SUPERGIRL. And hey, Peter Facinelli is going to play Maxwell Lord, and he just joined the panel.

And we’re done!

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