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THE FLASH at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 12, 2015 by  

Next up during DC’s uber panel at Comic-Con? THE FLASH!

Follow along for what the cast and creators have to say about season 2…

9:07 PM: “Our big bad is going to be Zoom,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. Additionally, Teddy Sears has joined as Jay Garrick, and Shantel VanSanten will join as Patty Spivot.

9:09 PM: “We find Barry dealing with extra tension,” Grant Gustin teases. Barry’s struggling with his role as a hero this year, given that Eddie truly saved the day, originally.

9:10 PM: When the show picks up, Cisco will still be struggling with where he stands, and what Wells told him.

9:11 PM: Jay Garrick “has never been portrayed, to our knowledge, in live-action,” Kreisberg says.

9:12 PM: “We’re going to see Iris have a new sense of agency,” Candice Patton says. Iris will be more of a part of Team Flash, and she’ll be using her street knowledge to help everyone.

9:14 PM: “Eventually Henry will get, one way or another,” John Wesley Shipp teases.

9:15 PM: “The writers did a tremendous job…we’re interested in continuing that kind of duality in season 2,” Tom Cavanagh previews.

9:16 PM: “I’m beyond excited to hopefully be Killer Frost one day,” Danielle Panabaker says. “We worked really hard on that look — the costume, the makeup, the wig. I’m excited to see her more often, hopefully.”

9:17 PM: Grodd will be back, and we’ll be learning more about the “Snark family dynamic” Kreisberg shares.

9:18 PM: Cavanagh tries to explain the science of Wells being able to beat himself up. He says he could go on about it for an hour.

9:19 PM: The panelists keep throwing to each other when a fan asks if Vibe will come into play in season 2. Gustin finally says, yes. (Probably not a legally binding answer.)

And we’re done!

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